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How many full and part-time staff members does BCNY have?
BCNY has over 80 full-time staff and over 150 part-time staff, plus over 50 volunteers.   

How many members does BCNY serve each year?
We serve almost 4,000 boys annually.   

Is the Boys’ Club part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America?
BCNY was a founding member of the Federated Boys’ Clubs  in 1906 (later the Boys’ Clubs of America). The Boys’ Clubs of America became The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America (BGCA) in 1990, at which point BCNY remained a charter member.  After almost 20 years, BCNY’s leadership decided that maintaining our historic commitment to serving the special needs of boys and young men proved to be distinct from the scope of BGCA’s mission, and in 2005 we amicably parted ways, although we remain mutually supportive and respectful of each other’s programming.    

What percentage of BCNY donations go toward program and what percentage toward administration?
81% of all funds go towards Program Services, and 19% towards Supporting Services.    

Does BCNY accept government funding?
BCNY was privately funded by individual donations and foundation and corporate grants until 2012 when we received our first government grants.

Who should I contact to make a donation?
You can visit us online or contact our Director of Development Megan Santosusso at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 347.505.5398.

Who should I contact if I want to volunteer?
If you are interested in volunteering at BCNY, please contact our HR Manager Oneida Perez at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 347.505.5418              

Are you Department of Health (DOH) Child Care certified?
Yes, we maintain a School Age Child Care certification from DOH at each Clubhouse.  Camp Cromwell, our 110-acre camp grounds,  is certified by the American Camping Association.

Are you open during the weekend?
Regular clubhouse hours are Monday through Friday. Beginning in 2013, Clubhouses are open to Teen Members (13 - 20) on Saturdays from 1pm to 6pm.        

What’s the relationship between BCNY and Camp Cromwell? 
BCNY owns Camp Cromwell.  It is also the site of BCNY's Gardiner School Program.  Members visit camp during the school year and during the summer as a part of their regularly scheduled  programming.            

What ages of boys does BCNY work with?
BCNY serves boys ages 6 - 20.    

Why does BCNY only work with boys?
BCNY remains committed to its original mission to serve the critical needs of boys, which are indisputably different than the needs of girls.  However, BCNY recognizes the importance of mixed gender programming, and we are currently developing some co-ed programming for older teens.

We are happy to assist parents in finding affordable, quality options for their daughters, nieces, and granddaughters.  Speak to your Clubhouse Director for further information.       

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How do I register my son for BCNY?
To register, please speak with the Registrar of the Clubhouse you are interested in having your son attend.  Registrar hours are available online.  You must also be able to provide Immunization Records, a Physical Exam Form, a copy of your son's birth certificate/passport (for proof of age only) and attend a New Member Orientation upon acceptance.          

What is the registration date(s)?
Enrollment dates vary from year to year.  Generally, members must enroll by end of August for  School Year membership, and by mid-March for Summer membership.    

What are your fees?
We charge $5 for a school year membership (September - June).  We charge an additional $25 each semester to participate in the Clubhouse music program.  Some of the athletic programs also require a nominal fee for uniforms or tournaments.  Gardiner School enrollment is $125 for a six-week residential academic experience. BCNY's full-day summer program is $25 plus  an additional charge for certain  field trips.

Do I have to register my child again every year?
Yes, you must register every year and each summer.

Can I pay by credit card?
Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards.  We accept cash, check, and money orders.           

Why do I have to put my income on the registration form?
We ask for income information exclusively for data collection purposes and to determine eligibility for our food program.  This information is kept completely confidential and is reported in the aggregate.

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What are the enrollment statistics by ethnicity?
BCNY has a diverse membership.  44% of our members identify as Latino, 38% identify at Black, 14% identify as Asian, and 4% identify as white.     

Who can be a member? Are there limitations/requirements relating to family income and or where you live?
BCNY welcomes any boy as young as 6 and as old as 20 who provides the required registration forms, no matter where he lives, his family's income, nationality, race, or religion.     

I am not a U.S. citizen but I have a green card can my son still become a member?
BCNY does not require any proof of citizenship or inquire as to immigration status.  We require a copy of a birth certificate or passport only to prove the member's age.    

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CLUBHOUSE PROGRAMS                             


What are the qualifications of your lifeguards or pool supervisors?
All of our lifeguards are American Red Cross or YMCA certified with up-to-date CPR/first aid/AED certifications.   Additionally, all of our pool supervisors are certified Water Safety Instructors, lifeguards, and often certified lifeguard instructors as well.         

How can I sign my child up for the music program?
Music lessons are open to all BCNY members. Sign up for the music program with the Registrar at your clubhouse. The Registrar will ask you to complete an application and submit an enrollment fee of $25. Upon its completion you will receive further information on the scheduled day and time for your son's lesson.            

Does my son have to complete his homework before he plays?
During the school year, your son has the option of receiving help with his homework from one of our qualified Homework Help staff. Homework Help schedules vary at each Clubhouse.  We take homework completion seriously and would welcome a one-on-one conference with any parent to determine what works best for his/her son.       

My son needs additional educational assistance; do you have a tutorial program?
Tutoring is available at all three Clubhouses, and can be held one-on-one or in small groups of up to three members per tutor.   

How do I sign my child up for SAT prep classes?
To sign your son up for SAT Prep classes, please speak to your Clubhouse's Education Director. 

How is bullying handled?
BCNY is committed to ensuring the physical and emotional safety of all of our members, and all of our staff work to ensure a safe space in the Clubhouse. Towards this end, under the direction of our staff Social Workers, we offer an array of preventative programs that encourage positive peer relationships and pro-social behaviors.      

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SERVICES & POLICIES                        

Do you provide meals?

We provide both snacks and one meal (supper during the school year, lunch during the summer) to members at no additional fee. We strive to serve only healthy meals and have also limited the vending machine options to reflect these values. 

Is there a place in the Clubhouses where parents can hang out while their sons play?
Unfortunately, there are no waiting rooms for parents.  We have an area for parents to wait when they pick up their sons, but we do not encourage parents to linger, mostly due to space limitations and member safety.              

Do you have a pick-up service that will take my child from school to his Clubhouse?
Some Clubhouses have pick-up services either by bus or by chaperone.  To find out if we offer pick-up service from your child's school, please ask your child's Clubhouse Director.            

Can my son go home by himself?
Members 13 and older may go home on their own.  Members 10-12 must have a parent or guardian submit a Junior Dismissal Permission Slip permitting him to walk home alone.  Members under 10 must be picked up by an approved adult.  Please note that a member can only leave the Clubhouse once; we do not allow members to leave and return as they please.

Will my son be released only to me?
All members will be released to approved adults only, as indicated on your son's registration form.         

How late are you open?
During the school year, Clubhouses are open until 9pm, although Explorers must be picked up by 6:45pm (6-7 year olds) or 7:45 (8-9 year olds).  During the summer, Clubhouses close for all ages at 6pm.             

What is BCNY policy on members’ having cell phones during program hours?

With few exceptions, we do not allow cell phones in our Clubhouses.  This is to ensure that members remain engaged and take advantage of the programming we have available. Members are able to use the phones in each department and parents have access to these numbers as well.

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