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SINCE 1876

To empower boys and young men by providing effective programs and a supportive community.


Volunteers at BCNY: Building Our Youth for the Future

‘We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future’F.D.R.


BCNY’s programs cover five core areas: character development/life skills; sports and recreation; visual/performing arts; academic support/enrichment; and mental/physical health. Through these program areas BCNY works to fulfill our mission to empower boys and young men by providing effective programs and a supportive community.  We are excited to kick off our winter program cycle this January. To make this cycle a success, we need you!  BCNY has a number of programs for individuals interested in volunteering their time and skills towards building our youth for the future.  Volunteers at BCNY perform a wide range of tasks and activities in the following programs: Homework Help; Culinary Arts; Game Room; Science, Technology; Math and Engineering; Special Events; Group Clubs; Youth Council and Tutoring. 

One program in particular, homVolartework help, aims to instill a love for learning in young people and support them in their academic advancement.  In the past year, this program has flourished due to the dedicated service of one our volunteers. BCNY Volunteer, Evan, a 10th grader in high school has volunteered over 100 hours of service to help younger members between the ages of 6-9 with homework.  This has truly been a labor of love, as many high school students his age opt to participate in other out-of-school time activities, such as sports and socializing with friends.  Through his dedication he has been able to awaken a passion for reading in his young students and support their advancement to higher proficiency levels. Education Director, Stephanie Hakes, summarizes his exemplary contributions by adding “He’s been really great to work with! He’s very reliable, as reliable as my part-time workers and it’s clear he enjoys helping our members. He also takes his own education seriously which makes him a good role model for the boys”.

BCNY has three Clubhouses, conveniently located in the city as well as a Camp in New Jersey.  Our current locations, makes volunteering easy and supports the critical need to empower our young boys and instill in them positive characteristics that will help them grow into productive men.

We know that everyone has something special to give and a unique perspective to bring. It may be an expertise in a particular subject or field.  It may be an interest in financial literacy or character development. Or it may be a strong drive to do more and give back to a city that has given so much. No matter what that ‘something’ is, volunteering helps sustain a life-long culture of caring, sharing and empowering, and has been the benchmark of how BCNY operates. 

There’s a place for you at BCNY…so come join Evan and the dozens of volunteers like him. With your help we can continue to expand our reach and impact.

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