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2014 - 2015 Registration Dates

2014 - 2015 registration forms will be online soon!

Monday, August 25: Registration opens for RETURNING members only

Monday, September 8: Registration opens for NEW members

2013 - 2014 Registration Forms

Forms will be available soon!

Once completed, please return registration forms to your clubhouse with the following documents: a copy of a birth certificate or valid passport, a copy of immunization record, a completed physical examination form.  Remember, all returning members must register.

Immunization Record

Your child’s immunization information must be up-to-date and submitted with the membership application. If any additional shots are administered after you have submitted this information, please come in and update your child’s records.

Physical Examination Form

All members must submit a physical examination form that is less than two years old, especially if they would like to use the gym or the pool, attend camp, or go on trips. A copy of this form is included in the membership application. You may also get one from the Registrar. All forms must be signed and stamped by the clinic or physician.

New Member Orientation

New members receive an orientation regarding life at the clubhouse. Rules, expectations, introduction to staff and a clubhouse tour are part of this process. Parents must attend an orientation.

Orientation Dates for the 2014 - 2015 program year will be announced soon!

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Member Pick-Up Policy

BCNY reserves the right to request photo identification from adults picking up Members from BCNY Clubhouses.  This additional security measure is meant to further ensure that Members are safe inside and outside of the Clubhouses.

Behavior Expectations and Discipline Policies

BCNY has comprehensive Behavior Expectations and Discipline Policies that include policies on appropriate language, dress, and conduct within the Clubhouses.  The policies are available in full below.

Discipline Policy - Explorers

Discipline Policy - Juniors

Discipline Policy - Teens

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The Boys’ Club of New York Privacy Practices

Maintaining the privacy of our members’ information is essential for creating strong relationships and for respecting the dignity of all the people whom we serve. This section outlines The Boys’ Club of New York’s policies regarding the confidentiality of information gathered from our members and their families. To ensure that our members’ privacy is being maintained at The Boys’ Club of New York (BCNY), all staff members abide by the following practices.

I. Information collection, use and sharing

     a. All of the information that BCNY staff collect from members is used for the purpose of meeting members’ needs and ensuring the health and safety of all members.

     b. Information collected from members includes, but is not limited to: demographic information, medical information such as medications and immunization history, birth certificate, insurance information and education information such as an Individualized Education Plan.

     c. BCNY staff will ask members’ parents/guardians to sign an Authorization to Release/ Receive Information form before private information about a member is given to or received from a collateral agency or individual. This form is valid for one year and parents/guardians have the right to terminate this authorization at any time during treatment. This form requires staff to explicitly state how information gathered from collateral sources will be used.

     d. Relevant information about members may be shared among staff members in order to ensure that all staff members are interacting with members in ways that are sensitive to the needs of members.

     e. Client confidentiality can be broken if a staff member determines that a member is in danger of harming himself or others.

II. Access to and control over information: Members’ parents have the right to access and review protected information that has been collected by BCNY

III. Security

     a. Hard copies of member information are kept in members’ files which are kept in a locked cabinet in the Registrar’s office. The Registrar’s office is kept locked at all times that it is not in use.

     b. Electronic files are kept on the Registrar’s computer, which is password-protected.

IV. Social Work Department Practices: The Social Work Department of BCNY has department- specific privacy practices.

     a. All of the information that BCNY social workers collect from members is used for the purpose of understanding clients’ life circumstances and designing effective and appropriate interventions.

     b. Social workers collect information about members that includes but is not limited to: demographic information, members’ involvement with outside agencies and mental health professionals, members’ mental health diagnoses and medication, household composition, family history, history of physical or sexual abuse, and developmental history.

     c. According to New York Public Health Law, section 18, parents and guardians have the right to access confidential information collected by an agency. However, this access can be denied if the social worker deems that release of this information
would be detrimental to the clients and/or to the therapeutic relationship.

     d. Hard copies of members’ private information is kept in a locked filing cabinet in the social workers’ office. The social worker’s office is kept locked at all times that it is not in use. Electronic files are kept on the social worker’s computer which is
password- protected.

If a member or a member’s family feels at any time that their privacy has been violated by BCNY staff, they have the right to follow the parental feedback procedures.

 Updated on: 10/31/11

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