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Exercise Your Mind: Academic Support

We provide a wide array of academic support programs for boys at all ages and learning styles.. BCNY’s Education Department is focused on helping boys reach their full academic potential through hexercise_your_mindomework help, tutoring, early literacy support (READ), Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM), and fun academic competitions and activities. The department is led by a director with support from highly qualified coordinators, tutors, and homework help staff. Additionally, BCNY’s Department of Educational Services (DES) focuses on helping members gain admission to and adjust to life at Prep School and also provides specialized support to motivate members to pursue post-secondary education.

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READ helps Explorers improve their literacy skills and fosters a love of reading. Members have access to a “leveled” library to ensure they are reading books at their reading level, and benefit from curricula aligned with public school testing. 



BCNY tutors tailor individualized learning plans to help our students succeed in school. Tutoring instructors are available in Math, Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Spanish and Test prep. Available by appointment.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM focuses on real world applications of technology, through building circuit boards, catapults, robots, and dissection, animal observation, and botany.  Boys also do activities with BCNY's full time Naturalist, exploring the nature found right here in New York City.  BCNY’s STEM activities are all project-based, a format that involves multiple intelligences and self-discovery to engage boys as active learners.


Homework Help

Members work independently with the assistance and support of the Homework Help staff to complete their daily homework assignments.

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