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Hit a Home Run: Sports & Recreation

Sports and recreation programs foster a sense of belonging, community, friendships and positive adult relationships. Members learn the objectives and rules of games and sports from Trivia Pursuit to flhome_runag football, and then progress to learning plays, techniques, and strategies. They also learn what it means to be a great team member on and off the field.

These programs are designed to teach members how to play sports and recreational games along with the skills necessary for improvement, such as teamwork, communication, attention, cooperation, endurance, and sportsmanship. In addition to these outcomes, members also build self-confidence and self-esteem, gaining the ability to perceive value in themselves and others.  

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Members will work with an instructor to create and implement individualized exercise plans, which might include weight training, strength building, and even healthy weight management.


Mini Sports: Mini-Hoops, Mini-Kicks, Mini-Sticks

Explorers learn about basketball (Mini-Hoops), soccer (Mini-Kicks), and hockey (Mini-Sticks), learning the basic rules and skills, as well as practicing teamwork and good sportsmanship. Teams are coached by Teen Members participating in Project Coach, and get to put their new skills to the test at weekly games.


Intramural Sports

Basketball, Baseball, Football, Rugby, Track, Swimming: Members compete among the Clubhouses and work towards participating in tournaments outside of the Clubhouses.


Game Room Association

Members of all ages engage in friendly competitions through games of UNO, Foosball, Pool, Chess, various video games and more. Team and free play are an important part of the BCNY experience in fostering fun and building lasting friendships. GRA also helps build social skills such as turn-taking, patience, and playing fairly.

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