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Feel Great: Mental and Physical Health

Mental and physical health programs focus on the overall wellness of members. Members learn how to take care of their bodies and their minds as well as having the opportunity to actually practiFeel_Greatce those healthy living behaviors in and outside of the Clubhouse; as members learn these skills, they are encouraged to share that knowledge with peers, parents, and community members.

These programs provide members with hands-on experience for real life application; they learn about seasonality and locality of foods as well as healthy ways to prepare well-balanced meals, what stress is and how to manage it through positive decision-making, and techniques and practices that assist with self-awareness and self-control – skills necessary in all stages of development.    

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This non-contact boxing program teaches classic boxing skills while promoting the overall well-being of our members. By enriching the member’s knowledge of fitness and healthy lifestyle strategies, Boxing helps prevent childhood obesity, as well as improve the decision-making skills and leadership development of our members. The lessons of boxing—discipline, persistence, patience, tolerance, and self-respect—can be used inside and outside the boxing ring.

This program was developed in collaboration with Knockout Obesity.


Look Who's Cooking

In Look Who’s Cooking, members will learn about seasonality and locality of foods, regions of the world where food is primarily grown, various cultures, nutrition, and have the opportunity to cook healthy meals.


Teen Battle Chef

Junior and Teen members will learn about seasonality, locality, and nutrition. They will gain knife skills and other cooking techniques, and practice presentation skills.  Members will “battle” their peers during specific cooking challenges, and meals and presentation skills will be judged at the end of each cook-off. Junior Members can participate in Junior Battle Chef, specially tailored for 10 – 12 year olds..


Street Wise: Healthy Alternatives

Street Wise addresses tough topics such as gang involvement, drug abuse, and healthy relationships.  Both Junior and Teen Directors and Social Workers will facilitate these conversations and introduce skill sets to address tough situations that can lead to risky behaviors. Members will also be able to speak with professionals from outside of the organization in a workshop, guest speaker, or panel discussion on the topic of that cycle once a month. This program is heavily skills-based with a focus on effective communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, self-advocacy, and other pertinent skills that will serve as tools for members to combat peer pressure and promote positive behaviors.


GuardStart: Lifeguarding Tomorrow

GuardStart is a great first step towards a job as lifeguard.  The course includes lessons to develop aquatic knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete the American Red Cross Lifeguarding course upon turning 15 years old.


American Red Cross Learn to Swim

Designed to help participants achieve maximum success, Learn-to-Swim courses are based on a logical, six-level progression that helps swimmers about 6+ years old and up to develop their water safety, survival and swimming skills.


Martial Arts

A mix of different martial arts movements, including elements of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and kickboxing, teach members power and restraint while keeping them active and engaged.



Members may participate in yoga lessons which strengthens the mind and body and teaches meditation and focus.



PeaceBuilders establishes a norm for behavior based on specific principles that are shared by staff, students, and parents. PeaceBuilders helps members work towards decreasing negative behaviors and creating peaceful environments that are more conducive to learning. PeaceBuilders also improves relationships by restoring the connections between adults and youth.


Individual counseling

BCNY social workers may meets for weekly or bi-weekly counseling sessions with members who have been referred. Referrals come from parents, BCNY staff or self-referrals. The social worker creates individualized treatment plans with members and their families to address issues such as behavioral concerns, loss of a family member, and changes in family structure.

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