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Stand Tall: Character Development & Life Skills

Designed to instill strong character attributes and essential skill-sets, BCNY’s character development and life skills programs prepare members for a productive and successful life.  These programs focus oStand_Talln developing qualities that members will need to succeed as a student in a class setting, an employee in the work environment, a good friend or family member, and role model in their communities.

Communication, listening, decision-making, and leadership skills are entrenched in these programs and members will have the opportunity to practice these life-long skills at the Clubhouses. Members learn about what it means to have Honor, be Wise, maintain their Cool, and conduct themselves with Valor (BCNY Character Words). Members are encouraged to practice good character while solving difficult problems and making hard decisions. Leadership skills are developed through all programming and members are given ample opportunities to practice those skills.  

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Real Men

This program empowers young men to break through limiting stereotypes of masculinity and make positive choices.  The stories read in this program, written by young men themselves, help Teen Members understand the roles they play.  They also show young men that it’s possible to make changes in their lives without betraying who they are.  The activities that accompany the stories give participants the chance to explore these new roles and perspectives in the safe setting of the Clubhouse.


Project Coach

Project Coach’s mission is to use sports as a means to engage, connect and empower adolescents and youth. Teen members are recruited by Physical Directors for this program and during the summer, graduate students at Smith College along with the Project Coach team, come to Camp Cromwell to train Teen Members on how to become effective coaches. After training, Explorers come to Camp Cromwell and Teens have the ability to gain hands on experience. Trained Teen coaches coach Explorers in basketball (Mini-hoops), soccer (Mini-kicks), and hockey (Mini- sticks) throughout the year. 


Thrive: Asset-Building & Character Development

Thrive encourages and reinforces positive character and behavior in the clubhouses, particularly the game rooms. This program is part of a new ongoing initiative to create a more positive learning and caring environment in the clubhouses.  Thrive focuses on 12 BCNY Character Words: Compassion, Kindness, Bold, Optimism, Fair, Honor, Valor, Stepping it Up, Cool, Wise, Bright, and Forgiveness.  Members learn what these words mean and how to live by them consistently.


Summer Superheroes

Summer Superheroes combines literacy skill-building with teen-child mentorship using superhero-themed activities, preventing summer learning loss in reading and providing training and encouragement to teen members new to youth development.  Teen Members receive training to become mentors, and are paired up with an Explorer with whom they work on literacy and recreational activities.

This program takes place during the summer only.


Youth Council

BCNY’s Youth Council provides members the opportunity to gain and illustrate leadership skills within and outside of the clubhouse.  Each Clubhouse will have a Council of six peer-elected officers:  President (elected from the Senior Department), Vice-President (elected from the Senior Department), two Junior Representatives, and two Explorer Representatives.  Representatives will be responsible for representing their department’s needs and opinions at Clubhouse Town Hall meetings as well as planning upcoming events, contributing to discussions centered on game room governance, and organizing service-learning projects.


Group Clubs

BCNY’s Group Club program increases members’ level of participation in team activities, including team sports, drama, and academics.  After working together to develop a team name and identity, Group Clubs compete across Clubhouses, learning sportsmanship and leadership skills, and creating life-long positive relationships. 

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