Saturday Night Lights

Basketball at GerryIn partnership with Manhattan DA Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., Gerry Clubhouse is hosting Saturday Night Lights (SNL), which provides Gerry members and non-members alike a safe, fun, and productive place to hang out on Friday and Saturday evenings. The program’s mission is to engage East Harlem youth through basketball and improve academic performance by empowering participants to develop the skills, knowledge, and meaningful relationships necessary to reach their fullest potential.

At Gerry Clubhouse, SNL takes place three days a week. Thursdays, or “SNL MVP” days, are dedicated to registered BCNY members, who get special access to education resources, speakers, and practice time on Thursday nights, until 11pm.

Fridays and Saturdays are open until 11pm to BCNY members as well and any boy age 11- 21. While the main activity is basketball skills and drills, SNL participants also have access to individualized resources, including one-on-one meetings with a case manager who works with the teens to explore academic and career opportunities. Special guest speakers will also speak with SNL participants about overcoming obstacles, entrepreneurship, and being positive community leaders.

SNL Fall Cycle Schedule

(BCNY members only)
6:30 – 9pm (boys 11 – 14) 6:30 – 11pm (boys 15+)
Fridays 7 – 9pm (boys 11 – 14) 9 – 11pm (boys 15+)
Saturdays 7 – 9pm (boys 11 – 14) 9 – 11pm (boys 15+)

Be sure to check the calendar for any additional schedule changes.

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