We provide more than 40 high quality and inclusive programs designed to support the growth and empowerment of all New York City boys and young men.


Abbe Clubhouse members enroll in our Learn-to-Swim program and have access to an on-site swimming pool. Members can try-out for competitive swim teams or take American Red Cross lifeguard certification classes.

  • American Red Cross Junior Lifeguard
  • American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim
  • Open Swim
  • Swim Team
  • Swim Team Practice Squad

0 boys

took free swimming lessons at BCNY, a critical life skill for all kids.


The Josie Robertson School of Music and Art at BCNY encompasses visual, digital and performing arts. BCNY offers music instruction with professional musicians in state-of-the-art studios. Boys can also explore drama and dance and get creative in our art studios and computer labs.

  • 3D Printing
  • Animation
  • Clubhouse Yearbook
  • Comics
  • Cultural Arts
  • Dance
  • Digital Photography
  • Drama
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Graphic Design
  • Music Education
  • Silk-Screening
  • Studio Arts
  • Teen Anthology/ Teen Magazine

0 members

took 7,748 music lessons from professional musicians last year.


BCNY helps prepare members for post-secondary school success. Career Prep programs help members to become workforce-ready by providing training programs, offering workshops to improve interview skills and resume writing and helping teens secure internships.


  • Art Assistants
  • Education Assistants
  • Peaceleaders
  • Project Coach
  • Project Coach Pro
  • Project Lifeguard (CPR & First Aid Certification)
  • Summer Counselor In Training
  • Summer Superheroes Literacy Mentors
  • Teen Ambassadors
  • Work Progress Program

0 teens

became coaches, mentors, counselors-in-training, and interns through BCNY’s work readiness training programs last year.


BCNY provides academic support programs, focusing on helping boys reach their potential through homework help, tutoring, early literacy intervention, STEAM and academic competitions and activities. In addition we assist boys and their families through the high school and college admissions processes.

  • Academic Clubs
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Homework Help
  • READ
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math)
  • Summer Superheroes

0 members

participated in our STEAM program, which includes computer technology, robotics, and design.


Communication, listening, decision-making and leadership skills are central to our Life Skills programs. Member are taught healthy ways to prepare well-balanced meals, what stress is and how to manage it through positive decision-making and techniques to assist with self-awareness and self-control.

  • Chess
  • Community Time / Life Lessons
  • Cooperative Games
  • Culinary Kids
  • Culinary Kings
  • Chef It Up!
  • Game Room Association
  • Group Clubs
  • Open Game Room
  • Real Men
  • Thrive
  • Young Men’s Group
  • Youth Council

0 juniors & teens

broke down stereotypes during Young Men’s Group and Real Men, BCNY’s identity and masculinity programs


Physical Education programs foster a sense of belonging, community, friendship and positive relationship skills. Members are taught the objectives and rules of games and sports and progress to learning plays, techniques and strategies. They also learn what it means to be a team member on and off the field.

  • Cycling
  • Fitness
  • Intramural Sports
  • Martial Arts
  • Mini Sports (Mini-Hoops, Mini-Kicks, Mini-Flags)
  • Non-Contact Boxing
  • Open Gym
  • Saturday Night Lights
  • Team Sports
  • Wrestling
  • Yoga

0 boys

participated in Physical Education at the Boys’ Club last year


BCNY’s High School Access initiative aims to help members and their families find the most appropriate high school for their academic goals.

High School Access academically prepares sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students to navigate the New York City high school application process. After completing an academic profile, members and their families will meet with education staff to evaluate academic goals and high school prospects. BCNY will then recommend programs and academic support services based on academic goals and high school aspirations.

0% of HSA participants

have been accepted into one of their top three choices after completing the NYC high school application process.


BCNY’s College Access Initiative supports high school completion and explores post-secondary education options. College Access offers one-on-one academic tutoring, SAT Prep, access to college fairs, internship opportunities, college visits, and more. Members also participate in workshops covering topics such as college applications, FAFSA completion, and essay writing.

More than 25 members

attended one or more local college fairs, and over 40 members participated in college visits.


The Boys’ Club of New York strives to support our members and their families inside and outside of the clubhouse. Members may individually seek counseling with BCNY Mental Health Counselors or Social Workers or they may be referred to social workers by their parent, guardian, or BCNY staff. The Mental Health Counselor or Social Worker will create individualized plans to address issues such as behavioral concerns, loss of a family member, and other changes in family structure. Members participating in counseling will often meet with social workers or counselors weekly or bi-weekly. Our Mental Health Counselors and Social Workers may also assist BCNY families as they navigate governmental and private social service agencies.

Note: Please contact your local clubhouse for a schedule of current offerings or email us at .