Core Values


We always put our members first, strive for the highest quality of services, and promote fairness and honesty in all aspects of our work.


Our commitment to positive interactions—between staff, members, families, and board members—fosters trust, camaraderie, and a genuine sense of belonging.


We create a safe and supportive environment for our members to learn, grow, make mistakes, and ultimately succeed.


We strive to be effective and achieve excellence in all aspects of our work by monitoring progress towards our goals.

BCNY’s Vision

Our vision is that all boys are competent academically and emotionally, connected to their communities, rich in character, and confident in their futures.
BCNY’s programming is specifically developed to cultivate positive qualities in our members. These characteristics, based on widely accepted principles of youth development, are known as BCNY’s Four C’s (4C’s): Competence, Confidence, Character-rich, and Connectedness. While all of our programs provide members with enrichment and growth opportunities, they are specifically designed to foster the development of our 4C’s, whether a boy is in the media center, on the stage, in the kitchen, or on the court.

COMPETENCE is knowing how to do something and being able to demonstrate it. At BCNY, boys in tutoring are improving their academic competence. Boys in Teen Battle Chef are demonstrating their mastery of cooking.

CONFIDENCE means believing in yourself and trusting in your abilities. Boys learning to swim are gaining self-confidence. Boys in Project Coach develop maturity as they serve as mentors for younger members, acting as role models.

Being RICH IN CHARACTER means standing by your values and having compassion for others. Boys who participate in Steps to Respect learn to be tolerant despite differences, and boys in Real Men, BCNY’s masculinity program, are learning to face the pressures of adolescence.

CONNECTEDNESS is being positively engaged in your community, both inside and outside of the clubhouse. Boys who take leadership roles in Youth Council are connecting to their clubhouse community, and members in Service Learning are learning about communities beyond the clubhouse.