Once a Boys’ Club boy, always a Boys’ Club boy.

BCNY was founded in 1876. More than a million boys and young men have crossed the threshold of one of our clubhouses in the intervening years. Now, those boys and young men are proud BCNY Alumni. We hope to keep this network alive and celebrate the men that our BCNY boys are today.

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Alumni Spotlight: Phillip C. Richards on the Power of Paying It Forward

In a recent article, Boys’ Club alumnus Phillip C. Richards shared, “I grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan with a single mother who was a bartender. For poor kids like me, it was the Boys’ Club of New York that meant so much. Just when you thought the world didn’t give a darn about you, another event came from the Boys’ Club—a trip to the zoo or the circus or a Yankees game—to say that we care about you.”

Richards, who is the executive chairman and founder of the North Star Resource Group—a national services firm known for donating to charitable donations—financed a surprise bicycle giveaway for two hundred North Philadelphia schoolchildren who were invited to Temple University to receive brand-new helmets and bicycles as their reward for completing a bike safety program.

“My hope and prayer is that some of these kids will end up at Temple University and some will feel inspired to pay it forward again, like the Boys’ Club of New York did for me,” said Richards, who is also a Temple University alumnus and trustee.

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