Annual Report 2020

We Adapt. We Thrive.
We Are BCNY.


Stephen Tosh
CEO & Executive Director

Welcome to our overview of the Boys’ Club of New York’s 2020 fiscal year. It is difficult to put any year into words, but for FY20, the task is especially daunting. 

The pandemic has brought challenges and changes, but the health, safety, and wellbeing of our boys, staff, and volunteers remains our priority. You are a vital part of that community, and we are heartened by your support and grateful to you for standing strong on behalf of our members. 

At BCNY, we remain committed to supporting our members as we have done throughout our history. In our 144 years of service, the Boys’ Club has helped NYC families through challenges including the influenza epidemic of 1918, the scourge of polio, financial crises, and two world wars. Thanks to your partnership–and that of generations of families and friends–BCNY has been steering New York City’s boys towards a brighter future even in the darkest of circumstances.

We began our year with a focus on sustainability throughout the organization. A BCNY Sustainability Team was founded with the commitment to robust environmental education based on experiential learning. Our fall dance, “The Green Gala,” took its theme from this initiative and resulted in record-breaking success as well as ongoing holistic corporate partnerships providing educational opportunities for our boys.

Our Winter Luncheon was another record-breaking success, featuring philanthropist and historian David M. Rubenstein interviewed by Deborah Norville. Inspired by our special guest, our décor was a celebration of the BCNY story past and present, featuring collages created by our boys in their studio art classes.

Just a month later, we were in lockdown. And, with clubhouses closed and all events cancelled, we discovered that the sustainability mindset and a focus on our core values prepared us well.

The Boys’ Club has a proud and unique history operating clubhouses where our boys and young men find a brotherhood: a strong and supportive community of mentors and role models, teachers and coaches, and lifelong friendships. With our regular clubhouse model out of the question, staff and members were flexible and resilient as we all pivoted, along with much of the world, into the virtual landscape. 

Our staff immediately reached out to boys and families, providing information, support, connection, and, ultimately, a full array of Virtual BCNY programs. They brought the clubhouses to the boys, and I could not be more proud of their efforts. Meanwhile, our extended BCNY family stepped up through our Covid-19 Relief Campaign, ensuring that we could keep our promises to our boys and families.

Thank you for your partnership as we look toward the future. We look forward to being back in our clubhouses, but we are not the same organization we used to be. And that is a good thing. It means we are evolving. The physical restrictions we’ve experienced show us that a clubhouse doesn’t have to be a building. With the sale of Harriman Clubhouse last year, the new partnerships we are forming in our old neighborhoods, and the new ones we are working towards in the Bronx and Brooklyn, BCNY is expanding its reach as we lighten our footprint.

BCNY will keep adapting to meet the changing needs of our boys and our communities. We will continue to empower our members to develop the skills, character, and confidence to achieve their goals. We will continue to ensure they have tools to navigate the profound challenges they face outside our doors, and we will join with them as advocates and social justice champions in our clubhouses and the larger community. We will continue to encourage and prepare them to engage the world, find their truth, and follow their dreams.

As James Baldwin said, “Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.” The Boys’ Club of New York is there for each and every member. And we thank you for being there with us. 

We are BCNY.

Our Members

BCNY has approximately 1,500 registered members, ages 7-21, and also serves an additional 1,500 young people through a wide range of special events, competitions, and organizational collaborations.

4 Age Groups:

26% Explorers  (Ages 7-9)

37% Juniors  (Ages 10-12)

21% Intermediates  (Ages 13-15)

16% Seniors  (Ages 16-21)

0 %

Identify as a person of color


Meals were distributed to members 

0 %

Qualified for free or reduced school lunch

As of June 30, 2020

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

William B. Tyree, President
Edward J. Rappa, Chairman
Valentino D. Carlotti, Secretary
Damien Dwin, Development Committee Chair
Robert L. Ireland, Jr., Committee on Trustees Chair
Jeffrey M. Moslow, Vice President
Alexander Robertson, Program & Education Committee Chair
Kevin W. Stone, Treasurer/Finance & Audit Committee Chair
Remy W. Trafelet, Endowment & Pension Investment Committee Chair
Stephen Tosh, Executive Director/CEO


Lee S. Ainslie III
Sara Stowe Ayres
Douglas J. Band
Friederike K. Biggs
Ellen G. Breed
Richard M. Cashin, Jr.
James F. Curtis III
R. Christopher Errico
Kitty Northrop Friedman
Colin J. Heffron
Linda Hickox
Barclay G. Jones III

Jerome McCluskey
William G. McKnight III
Calvert S. Moore
Averell H. Mortimer
Michael A. Nickols, Jr.
Thorne L. Perkin
Robert S. Pitts, Jr.
F. Lyon Polk III
Mary E. Sheridan
Cynthia van Eck
Jacqueline R. Williams
Scott C. Wilson

Honorary Board

Silas R. Anthony, Jr.
Taylor S. Bodman
Don Cangelosi
Michael Carney
Howard L. Clark, Jr.*
Elbridge T. Gerry, Jr.
John R. Gordon
H. Anthony Ittleson
Jayne Teagle Keith
Elaine Langone
Alexander M. Laughlin
Hildegarde E. Mahoney
Judith E. Makrianes

Women’s Board

Executive Committee

Anjali Melwani, President
Ellen Niven Deery, Vice President
Danielle Ganek, Secretary 
Brooke Harlow Lynyak, Vice President
Gigi Mortimer, Vice President
Claudia T. Overstrom, Vice President 
Betsy Pitts, Vice President
Alexandra Robertson, Vice President

Presidents’ Council

Sara Stowe Ayres
Friederike K. Biggs
Amy Griffin
Linda J. Hickox
Ritchey B. Howe
Kathryn Pardoe Irwin
Jayne Teagle Keith
Hildegarde E. Mahoney
Monique V. Merrill
Nancy Missett
Hilary Geary Ross
Nancy I. Stahl
Cynthia van Eck
Jacqueline R. Williams


Travis Acquavella
Kristin F. Allen
Gabrielle Bacon
Stephanie A. Coleman
Merrill H. Curtis
Victoria Vargas D’Agostino
Carolina de Neufville
Eleanor Dejoux
Cosby W. George
Jamee T. Gregory
Shabnam Henry
Tracey Huff
Nathalie G. Kaplan
Stephanie Kearney
Karen Klopp
Ros L’Esperance
Kathryn A. Miller
Tiffany Moller
Alexandra Mondre
Mary Kathryn Navab
Dara B. O’Hara
Tatiana G.P. Perkin
Marina S. Purcell
Alice Ross
Alexia Hamm Ryan
Tyler Schiff
Burwell Espy Schorr
Ferebee Taube
Kathy Araskog Thomas
Diane van Amerongen
Sara Zilkha
Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer

Honorary Board

Virginia S. Burke
Louise Grosvenor
Allie Hanley
Mai Hallingby Harrison
Elaine A. Langone
Judith Laughlin*
Laura H. McCloy
Kitty McKnight
Muffy Miller
Armene L. Milliken
Virginia E. Morgan
Nancy C. Phelan
Lindsey Pryor
Barbara Robinson
Elizabeth E. Tilghman
Thorunn Wathne


Young Advocates Circle


Stephanie Kearney, Troy J. Neal, Michael Puntillo


Mickey Abernathy
Kara Andrea
Adam August
Zander Baccile
Mary Benedetto
Alexander Bennett
Philip Bowman
Eliza Breed
Christopher Briggs
Diana Bromfield
Andrew Burns
Susan Chang
Brian Cintron
Thomas Cleary
Will Conrad

Lion-Robert Creel
Julia Dean
Francesca del Balzo
Olivia Dolan
Mack Dowling
Ashley B. Enthoven
Omar Ferreira
Willis Fries
Benjamin Garfinkel
Jonathan Garfinkel
Cristina Hackley
Stephen Hearn
Ted Henderson
Daniel Hirsch
Campbell Howe

Doria Josma
Adam Kalinsky
Adam Klopp
Meghan Klopp
Zoe L’Esperance
Nicholas Leon
James W. Linville
Jonathan Lopez
John Tyler Martin
Aleesha Melwani
Joseph Mensah
Carter Moore
Justin Morales
Samantha Osborne
Alexander Osgood

Christopher Oyathelemi
Helen Parzick
Carter Patrick
Ned Pierrepont
Eric Rivera
David C. Saunders
Andrew Sawyer
Brett Schumer
Michael Schumer
Edward Seber
Penn Sednaoui
Rory Shepard
Ashley Sierra
Reed Smith

Fred Spencer
Jacob Stonecipher
Charles Streep
Eve Taylor
Isabel Taylor
Isaiah Thomas
Alex Trautwig
Nick van Eck
Siya Vansia
Robert Vaughan
Drew Walker
Matthew Weber
Perrin Wheeler
Harry Williams