Our Supporters




Our supporters are part of the Boys’ Club of New York family. Thank you for helping us keep our promises to our boys and young men.

Visionary $100,000+ 

Elizabeth and Lee Ainslie +
Lisa and Dick Cashin +
Stephanie and Chase Coleman ^
Anjali and Prakash Melwani ^
Mrs. John R. Robinson ^^
David Rubenstein
Kathryn and Bill Tyree +

Dream Leader $50,000-$99,999

Rajat Agarwal
Gabrielle and Lou Bacon ^
Kristin and John Clark
Amy and John Griffin ^
Gigi and Avie Mortimer + ^
Betsy and Rob Pitts + ^
Alexandra and Alex Robertson + ^
Stephen and Kitty Sherrill
Cynthia and Jan van Eck + ^

Trailblazer $25,000-$49,999

Appalachian Mountain Club
Belvedere Property Management, LLC
Bloomberg L.P.
Willa and Taylor Bodman ++
Ellen and Alan Breed +
Brown Brothers Harriman 
Merrill and Ashton Curtis ^
Mimi and Curt Curtis +
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan A. Dejoux ^
Fiona and Stanley Druckenmiller
Damien Dwin +
Jennifer and Steve Errico
Lourdes and Pepe Fanjul
Kitty and Ebby Gerry ++
Colin J. Heffron +
Tracey and Craig Huff ^
Robert L. Ireland, Jr. +
Jean and Barclay Jones +
Karen and John Klopp ^
Elaine and Ken Langone ++ ^ ^
Ros L’Esperance ^
Kitty and Bill McKnight + ^^
Alexandra and Gregory Mondre ^
Calvert and George Moore ^
Mary Kathryn Navab ^
Northern Trust Bank
Yesim and Dusty Philip
Hilary and Lyon Polk +
Tamara and Ed Rappa +
Julian Robertson
Alexander Roepers
Burwell Espy Schorr ^
Kevin W. Stone + 
Remy W. Trafelet +
Julia and Ted Weld
Jackie and Gene Williams + ^
Scott C. Wilson +
Anonymous (1)

Roland Harriman Society

Chair: James F. Curtis III 
Theodore D. Blackey 
Howard L. Clark 
Kitty and Bill McKnight 
Nelson Nazario 
Edward J. Rappa 
Bill Tyree 
Dennis Wynn 
Bob Zuckerman
E. Roland Harriman was the son of E.H. Harriman, BCNY’s founder. Roland served as a Boys’ Club Trustee for 57 years, including time as President, and later, Chairman of the Board. He started the planned giving initiative at the Boys’ Club in 1974, and we are proud to honor him in naming this program the Roland Harriman Society. Members of the Roland Harriman Society have pledged to leave legacy gifts to ensure BCNY is able to serve generations of boys and young men for years to come.

1 Hotels
Travis and Nick Acquavella ^
Sara Stowe Ayres +^
Friederike Biggs ++^
Elizabeth Bonner
Shelley and Michael Carr
Becky and Loic de Kertanguy
Carolina and Thomas de Neufville ^
Dolce & Gabbana

Lizzie Edelman
Lisa and Chris Errico +
Sharona Gails
Danielle and David Ganek ^
GFI Group, Inc.
Linda and Chat Hickox +^
Mr. and Mrs. David Y. Howe ^
James Linville
Tiffany and Claus Moller^

Claudia and Gunnar Overstrom^
Marina and Tom Purcell^
Shafi Roepers
Alice and Jim Ross^
Alexia and Baird Ryan^
Kathy Thomas^
Sigrid van Eck
Aerin and Eric Zinterhofer^
Anonymous (1)


Kristin and Charles Allen^
Lily and Doug Band+
Jamie and Fran Biondi
Laura Breyer
Ania and Greg Coffey
Helene and Stuyvie Comfort
Victoria and Francisco D'Agostino^
Mary and Marvin Davidson
Caroline and Tom Dean
Timothy and Cosby George^

Jamee and Peter Gregory^
Audrey and Marty Gruss
Susannah and Peter Kagan
Dayssi and Paul Kanavos
Stephanie and James Kearney^
Jennifer and Jeffrey Kelter
Merrick Kleeman
Pat and Jack Lentz
Amanda and Thomas Lister
Susan and Stephen Mandel

Janet McKinley
Kathryn and Corbin Miller^
Dara and Tim O'Hara^
Deborah and Clifton Robbins
Linnea Conrad Roberts
and George Roberts
Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo
Stella McCartney
Diane and Lew van Amerongen^


Robert Adrian
David Altshuler
Susan and Jonathan Bram
Tory Burch and Pierre-Yves Roussel
Ann and Geoffrey Coley
Paul D'Attanasio
Linda and Tom Dixon
Pat Dunnington
Annabelle and Gregory Fowlkes
Kitty and Peter Friedman+
Maria and Sherlock Hackley
Sheila Heffron and Michael Rankowitz
Shabnam and Tom Henry^

Nathalie G. Kaplan^
Jayne Teagle Keith++^^
Breanna and John Khoury
Hillary and Glenn Krevlin
Carol and Earle Mack
Mrs. David Mahoney++^^
David Makan
Elizabeth and Richard Miller
Muffy and Don Miller^^
Armene Milliken^^
Virginia and Alfred Morgan^^
Naddisy Foundation
Marcie and Jordan Pantzer

Louise Parzick
Nancy and Joseph Sambuco
Christine and Steve Schwarzman
Helena and Per Skarstedt
Mimi Sternlicht
Ferebee and Brook Taube^
The Blackstone Group
Maria Villalba
Amanda and John Waldron
Tory and Nelson Walsh
AnaPaula and Mark Watson
Boaz Weinstein


Abbie and Joe Baratta
Serena and Bradley Bowman
Sana and Todd Clegg
Krista and James Corl
Courtney and David Corleto
Cynthia and Bernard Curry
Ide and David Dangoor
Ellen Niven Deery^
Ingrid and Thomas Edelman
Vicki and David Foley
Betsy and Brian Frank
Victor Geraci

Sherri and Jack Grace
Stephen Hearn
Tania and Brian Higgins
Hispanic Society - FDNY
Kathy and Arthur Irwin^^
Amelia and Oscar Junquera
Hans Kertess
Brooke and Kevin Lynyak^
Rebekah and Colin McCabe
Elizabeth and David McCreery
Lara and William McLanahan
Emily and Scott McLellan

Ronay and Richard Menschel
Nelson Nazario
Options Technology
Seán Páircéir
Tatiana and Thorne Perkin+^
Jill Roosevelt
Alexandra and Louis Rose
Tyler and Jamie Schiff^
Tracy and Jay Snyder
Barbara Tober
Marisa and Robin van Bokhorst
Lauren and John Veronis


Nancy and Tony Accetta
Donna and William Acquavella
Virginia and David Apple
Ricardo Arguello
Susan Augustyn and Glenn Schiller
Joachim Bader
Dawn and Teb Barnard
Kathryn and Bruce Beal
Murat Beyazit
Peggy and Paul Bitler
Serena Boardman and John Theodoracopulos
Donya and Scott Bommer
Philip Bowman
Leslie Brille
Pamela and Alex Camacho
Claire and Jason Capello
Valentino D. Carlotti+
Susan and Alex Casdin
Andrew Caspersen
John Catsimatidis
Robert Chen
Judith Churchill
Deborah Cipriano
Isobel and Struan Coleman
Lindsey and Reed Coleman
Teresa and Bruce Colley
Toby and Leon Cooperman
Jill and John Coyle
Crow Hill Foundation
Austen and Ernesto Cruz
Kitty and Guy de Chazal
Jessica and Ghislain de Kertanguy
Joanna and Peter de Neufville
Dean Dolan
Aimee and George Eberle
Martha and Paddy Farrell
Libby and Terry Fitzgerald
Catherine and Thomas Fortin
Cathy Franklin
Beatrice George
Mark Giordano
Jan and Steven Golann
Amanda and Samuel Goldworm
Sandra and Grenville Gooder
Wesley and Terry Guylay
Patricia and Stephen Hanley

Mai Hallingby Harrison^^
Wendy and Edward Henderson
Brett and Greg Heyman
Astrid Hill
Holborn Corporation
Lillie and Charlie Howard
Blair and Fazle Husain
Nancy and Tom Ireland
Lisa and Donald Jackson
Geetika Jain
Jennifer and Rob James
Lena Kaplan
Jackie Keber
Cynthia and Stephen Ketchum
Mehmet Kirdar
Kathleen and Reha Kocatas
La Unidad Latina Service and Education Fund
Ana and Philippe Laffont
Dean and Mara Landis
Patricia and Gerrity Lansing
Marc Lener
Serena and William Lese
Alexia and David Leuschen
Andrea and Matt Lustig
Magnolia Trust
Simone and Chris Mailman
Stan Makson
Whitney and Michael Marriott
Arianna Martell
Adrianne Meisler and Neal Schmidt
Lisa and George Melas
Laurie and Jeff Meskin
Sloane and Robert Mikesell
Erin and Ronald Miller
Jessica and Rob Murphy
Amos and Drew Nevin
Brendan O'Boyle
Maureen O'Boyle
Sue and Tony O'Connor
Kelly and Gerry Pasciucco
Jordan Peer
Elizabeth and John Poreba
Edith and Sidney Posel
Cathy and Malcolm Price
Lindsey and Sam Pryor^^

Michael Puntillo
Phil Richards
Julie Richardson
Linda and Jimmy Robinson
Renee Rockefeller
Hilary and Wilbur Ross^^
Juan Santana
Barbara and Peter Sartorius
Andrew Sawyer
Mary E. Sheridan+
Patricia and Mark Shifke
Sarah Danzig Simon and Michael Simon
Martha and Howard Simpson
Anne Smithers
Kathryn and Will Snellings
Mary Snow
Brita and Ed Steffelin
Louise H. Stephaich
Missy and Rick Sterne
Leslie Stevens
Katherine Storlaski-Diaz and Julius Diaz
Bette and Thomas Sturges
Monica and Douglas Taylor
The Kandell Fund
Nancy and Walter Tilghman
Elvis Torres
Diane and Stephen Tosh
Lara Trafelet
Seran Trehan
Alexandra and Jose Trullols
Kathy and Tom Tyree
Deborah van Eck
H.P. Van Ingen Jr.
Bronson van Wyck
Viacom Inc.
Jerome Villalba
Jarett Wait
Donna and Chuck Ward
Deborah and Karl Wellner
William and Francoise Barstow Foundation
Jean and Richard Witmer
Paul Wolf
Bettina Zilkha


Willie Abad
Mickey Abernathy
Valerie Ackerman and Charles Rappaport
Action Carting
Peter Ahl
Ford Ainslie
Ashleigh Aitchison
Patrick Ajamie
Jeff Alcantara
Stefania and Thomas Allen
Camilo Alvarez
Jeannine and Ivan Anderson
Sharon Anderson
Kara Andrea
John R. Anton, M.D.
Nick Antonelli
Nicholas Anzivino
Jorge Arango
Juliana and Ralph Arietta
Wendy and Christian Arriz
Penny and Ted Ashford
Martin Asness
Anna Auersperg
Adam August
Laura Ault
Felice Axelrod
Felipe Ayala
Phillip Azzollini
Caroline Baccile
Zander Baccile
Strecker Backe
Shawn Bacot
Linda and Edward Baker Kohnstamm
Helen and Edward Ballantyne
Serena Bancroft
Rhonda and Robert Banker
Gina Barbato
Peter Barros
Donna Basile
Richard Bateman
Connie and Richard Batherman
Peggy Baumann
Anastasiya Bazalyuk
Yaroslav Bazalyuk
Robert Becker
Lauren Bell
Wendy Beltre
Joanne and Warren Bender
Susan and Steven Bender
Mary Benedetto
Joanne and Roy Benjamin
Alexander Bennett
Jordan Bennett
Faith Bent
Phyllis and Howard Berk
Osten Bernardez
Adele Bernhard
Richard Bieber
Sadman Binzaman
Daphne and Laurence Birdsey
Jim Blackey
Theodore Blackey
Jane Blair Oberle
Allison Bliven
Sydney Block
Georgia Bloom
Sharon and Ron Bloomfield
Pendleton Bogache
Bill Bogatz
Giovany Bolivar
Glen Bolofsky
Mark Bones
Magdelene Boon
Melvin Boone
Pete Bostwick
Cat Bowie
Jennifer Boyer
Ben Boyle
Lillian Boyle
Catherine Bradley
Ronnie and Peter Brancazio
Mary Ann Brandt
Thomas Brasuell
Eliza Breed
Kate Breed
Tyler Brennan
Alexander Breton
Patricia Brett and Thomas Butcher
Bailey Briggs
Christopher Briggs
David Brioso
Diana Bromfield
Matt Brophy
Evan Brown
Evie and Bates Brown
Gabrielle Brown
Susan and Rick Brown
James Brownold
Emma Brumbaugh
Teresa and Stanis Buoninfante
Andrew Burns
Doreen Burston
Rafael Caba
Suhey Cabrera
Vivian and John Cacace
Rene Calderon
Tony Cantore
Ernest Capers
Peter Capra
Phil Carducci
Fabricio Caro
TJ Carrizales
Ken Carroll
Joaquin Castro
Andrea Catsimatidis
Juan Cepeda
Vivian Chabrier
Barbara Chambers
Chaminade High School
Thomas Chandler
Susan Chang
Antonia Chapman
Christinea Chase
Annabel Chasney
Jonathan Chavez
Kenneth Chen
Liz Chen
Mei Qin Chen
Julian Chernyk
Kenton Chik
Concetta Chirico
James Chiusano
Elle Chody
Alex Christie
Heather Christie
Brian Cintron
Cecilia and George Cintron
Chris Ciuffo
Dreux Claiden
Cynthia Clark and Arnold Grad
Dinorah Claudio
Thomas Cleary
Bobby Clements
Michael Cline
Catherine and Rob Coakley
Florence and David Codner
Kristina and Cameron Coleman
Leslie and Kevin Coleman
Steven Colon
Kimberly and William Conrad
Miguel Contreras
Keely Conway
Marcia Conwill
Julia Cooper
Joan and Thomas Corcoran
Luke Cordasco
Maggie Cordish
Nancy Corey
Marina Couloucoundis
Elena & John Coumantaros
William & Helen Covington
Nadine Cowan-Dyer
James Crandell
George Crawford
Mimi and Andrew Crawford
Alix Creel
Lion-Robert Creel
Jordan Crofton
Eileen Croland
Tierney Cronin
Fior and Juan Cruz
George Cruz
Robert Cruz
Claire Culliton
Emily Cummings
Melissa Cummings
Emma Cunningham
Mackenzie Cunningham
Elizabeth Curland
Agneta and Brownlee Currey
Isis Curtis
Austin DaCunha
Edward and Andrea Dale
Norma Dana
Oda and William Daniel
Riva Danzig
Tate Daugherty
Suzanne Dawson
Beth Blake Day and Corbin Day
Vivian Dean
Walter Deane
Charles Debrovner
Brenda DeGoias
Antoni Deleon
Gamaliel Delgado
Christina Demetriou
Sophie de Menil
Ashok Deshmukh
Cameron Dewey
Patricia Diaz

Amie Dickson
Dietrich Annuity
Camilla Digaloma
Olivia Dolan
Peter Dolce
Alberto Dominguez
Evelyn Dominguez
Christina and James Donnell
Marc Donner
Eugene Dooley
Susan and Steven Dostis
Douglas Psychotherapy Services
Lauren Douglass
Whitney and Robbie Douglass
Theresa and Salvatore Dovi
Mack Dowling
Lauren Downing
Nick du Pont
Camilla Duffy
Frank Duffy
Tom Duffy
Kristen and Patrick Durkin
Jane Eddy
Elizabeth Edgar
Ali and Philip Edwards
Brian Edwards
Edward Eisert
Larry Eng
Clara Escuder-Thomas
Sheila Ewall
Lisa Fallon
Laura Farish
Egidio Farone
Evelyn Farrell
Mary Fernandez
Omar Ferreira
Madyn Field
Jaime Flecha
Andrea Floersheimer
Peter Florescu
Brian Forst
Timothy Forster
Nicole Fouron
Melanie and Jordan Fowler
Nicole and Rob Fox
Toni and Bob Fox
Elizabeth Foyle
Elizabeth and Adrien Fraise
Michael Franklin
Sarah Fraser
Loretta Fredericks
Peyton Freeman
Sarah Jane Freeman
David Friedman
Ann Fries
Willis Fries
Alyssa Fritz
Thomas Fu
Allison Fuller
Barbara Fultz Martinez
Caroline and Jack Gage
Simmons Gaines
Gerardo Garcia
Benjamin Garfinkel
Jonathan Garfinkel
Melissa Garza
George Gates
James Gatto
Samantha and John Gellert
Lauren Gentry
Steve Georgopoulos
Susan Geschelin
Nancy and Frank Geysen
Kimberly Ghahramani
Sarah Jane Gibbons
Justine and John Gidicsin
Deepka Gidumal
Naina Gidumal
Genie Gilbert
Charles Gill
John Giordano
Alan Glickman
Hannah Godvin
Lise and Gregory Godvin
Elaine Goldman
Jeremy Goldstein
Simon Goldstein
Alex Gonye
Rosanny Gonzalez
Roberto and Sara Gottardo
Karen Gottfried
Patricia Grandison
Stephen Gray & Kathleen Ulrich
Oliver Green
Audrey and Tony Greene
William Greene
Andre Gregory
Hannah Grow
Kathryn Gulbrandsen
Bracken and Andrew Gustin
Antonio Gutierrez
Tessa Hackett-Vieira
Cristina Hackley
Oz Hanley
Margaret Ann Harley
Katie Harlow
Tara Harrington
Michelle Harris
Tyler Hartmeyer
Kenneth Hassen
Chauncey Hawkins
Thomas Healey
Patricia Hearn
Nancy and Dan Hebert
James Heft
Ellen and Joel Henkin
Karen Hevey
Wanda and Anthony Hewitt
Sisle Heyliger
Oliver Hildebrandt
Daniel Hirsch
Christine and Johnny Ho
Evelyn Hobbs
Cyril Hodge
Judy and Paul Hoertz
Lyndsay Hoff
Steven Hoffspiegel
Lorraine and Charles Hofmeister
Ann and Gene Homicki
Charlotte and Ray House
Campbell Howe
Victor Hoyos
Sharon Hudson
Lauren Huff
Christine Hulak
Lorraine Hurley
Julia Hyland
Lauren Hyland
Grace and Alex Jachmich
Cena and Matthew Jackson
Christina James
Octavio James
Keith Javier
Daniel Javit
Dionys Jimenez
Emmanuel Jimenez
Francis Jimenez
Geraldo Jimenez
Jennifer Jimenez
Elizabeth Bella Jones
N.J. and Frank Jones
Virgie Jones
Ralph Jordan
Doria Josma
Tonya Juge
Frances and Kenneth Kahn
Svetlana Kalinichenko
Maryellen Kandratino and William Hedson
Anthony Karnati
Bill Kaufman
Benton Keatley
Claire Keefe
James Keefe
Nick Keefe
Lauren Keegan
Robert Keegan
Patrick Keeman
Charles Kelley
David Kelley
Bill Kelly
Elizabeth Kelly
Olivia Kelly
Jeanne Kennedy and Walter Bondar
Peter Kenny
Maximilian King
Michael Kirkby
Melanie Kirkpatrick and Jack David
Marcia Kirschner
Mary Ann and Christopher Kirsten
Jacquelyn Kisker
Daniel Klebanoff
Preston Klimley
Noah Koeppel
Katherine Kostreva
Marilyn and Maurice Krantz
Ken Krinsky
Jason Kucza
Gail W. and John Kuliecza
Tom Kurlak
Ellen and Francis L'Esperance
Fran L'Esperance
Zoe L'Esperance
Stina Ladd
Dana LaForey
Harrison Laing
Joseph Valenti* and Kathleen Lamantia
Claudia Lamberty
Noel Lamberty
Alexa Landow
Diane and George Lane

Gabrielle Lavelle
Michelle Lavelle
Cinda Lawrence
Elizabeth Layne
Will Leatherman
Cesar Leon
Nicholas Leon
Ilze and Chuck Leonard
Monica Leone
Funcion Leung
Frances and Jack Levy
Biyi Lin
Lauren Linehan
Josie Linell
Carleen Lombardi
Lisbel Lora
Zach Lountzis
Annabel Love
Wellsley Lowther
Carolyn Lu
Adam Lu
Alexis Lubin
Elizabeth Lukes
Jason Macias
Janine and John MacMurray
Judy Makrianes++^^
Jonni Malavé
Walter Malave
Adolfo Maldonado
Jose Mancebo
Pretha Mani
Mankoff Family Foundation
Lydia and Adrian Marshall
Page Marshall
Jacqueline Martin
John Tyler Martin
Christopher Martinez
Enzo Martinez
Hielly Martinez
Andres Marton
Hope Mason and Francisco Mason Rodriguez
Joseph Mata
Carlos Mateo
Kathryn Matheson
George Mayer
Amory and Sean McAndrew
Anne McCreery
Nellie Mccullough
Lawrence McCutchen
Michelle McKenzie
Katelynn McKinley
Deidre McLeod
Scarlett McNally
James McNeil
Wayne McPherson
Maggie McSpedon
Caroline Meade
Mecklenburg County
     Public Defender's Office
Brandon Medina
Jose Medina
Teddy Medwid
Alyssa Mehra
Barbara Meinwald
Jesse Mejia
Madeline Melly
Aleesha Melwani
Dennis Mendez
Milton Mendez
Serena Menges
Alma and Frank Mercado
Lexi Merison
Hamilton Merrill
Katie Merrill
Monique V. Merrill^^
Judith Messina
Susan and Joseph Meyer
Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, P.C.
Claudia Miller
Karen and Bob Miller
Evalyn and Stephen Milman
Mendelle and Martin Milston
Jose Miranda
Pamela and Howard Mizrachi
Jane and Pat Mondelli
Edward Monteiro de Barros
Carter Moore
Timothy Moraghan
Justin Morales
Carlos Moran
Kay Morien
Lyle Morien
Georgia Morley
Nick Morley
Carson Morris
Linda and Ken Mortenson
Max Mortimer
Susan and Lenny Moskowitz
Fern Moufarrige
Ned Moulton
Peter Moyer
Cassandra Mullany
Ann and Erik Muller
Ellen Muller
Sydney Munro
Peggy Murphy and Larry Mercado
Gerry Murray
Yakov Musheyev
Cody Myers
Angela and Anthony Napolitano
Claretta Nesbitt
Rosanne Neville
New York University Men's Ice Hockey
Diane and Peter Neyland
Fun Ng
Lorraine Ngai and Howard Lee
Charlotte Noels
Maisie Noesen
Hannah Noyes
Jonathan O'Connor
Kimberly and Paul O'Connor
Sarina and Gordon Ogden
Cathryn O'Hare
Daniel O'Keefe
Jennifer Okin
Makesi Oliver
Suzanne and David Oliver
Madeline O'Malley
Liam O'Neill
Frederic Oran
Ryan Orent
Anthony Ortiz
Sade and Steve Ortiz-Lucin
Samantha Osborne
Tom Ostertag
Sarah Overbay
Chris Oyathelemi
Nicholas Pace
Caroline and Marc Packer
Patricia and Ron Padgett
Susan and Gregory Palm
Donna and Frank Palumbo
Michael Pansolini
Seth Pantalony
Diane Papale
Lisa and Clay Parcells
Brett Parket
Cooper Paston
Rajiv Patel
Carter Patrick
Marlon Pavon
Annie Pell
Robert Pellegrino
Barbara Perlov
Patricia Pesonen
Marie and Fredrick Petito
Lexie Petrosky
Marcia and John Phillips
Elio Pichardo
Nicole and Brett Pickett
Ned Pierrepont
Joseph Pinamonti
Annette and Peter Plank
Harry Polak
Kaci Polk
Nancy Polk
Steve Polychronopoulous
Stanley T. Poreba, M.D.
Brian Pratt
Angela Price
Peter Prinstein
Jean and Alex Prokopchuk
Jose Prosper
Marie Puntillo
Susan Ralston
Armando Ramirez
Justin Ramos
Patrick Ramos
Sedell Rand
Callie Randall
Maria and Dave Rappa
Laura Rathmell
Bernard Rawlins
William Reagan
Elizabeth Redd
Fleming Redd
Charlotte Redican
Gayle and John Regan
Cody Reid
Walter Reid
Lyel Resner
Miguel Restrepo
Daisy Reyes
Jonathan Reyes
Constance Rhodes
Gretchen Richter
Pamela Rivas
Eric Rivera
Alison Rodilosso

Euclides Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez
Mary and Herman Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Madeleine Rollings
Brian Romanowski
Nancy Rondon
Barbara Rose
Grant Rosen
Philip Rosen
Barry and Joann Royce
Regina Rubenstein
Madeline Rubin
Patricia Ruiz-Healy
Mariella Rutigliano
Emmanuel Sable
Pasqualina Sacchetti
Dinesh Sajnani
Gloria and Alex Salit
Mozelle Sammell
Carolyn and Larry Sampson
Lisa Sanchez
Wallace Sanders
Kim and Steve Sanker
Angelo Santiago
Christopher Saporito
Margaret Savoca and Bruce Bradford
George Sayan
Courtney Sayre
Christine Scannapieco
Georgina Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schaus
Cynthia Schlegel
Jeannine and Peter Schoeffer
Arthur Schoen
Caroline Schoen
Katelyn Schoenholtz
Bethany Schonning
Katherine Schoonover
Dashiell Schulte
Brett Schumer
Michael Schumer
Ellen Schwartz
Barbara and Irving Scott
Megan and Christopher Scott
Nicolette Scott
Nancy Scovotti
Ashley Scully
Lawrence Seabrook
Monica Seale
Penn Sednaoui
Alan Seget
Raymond Sellhausen
Dennis Sepulveda
Joseph Sforzo
Donald Sharp
Martha and Matthew Sharp
Melissa Shaw
Christine Sheehan Rogers
Joan and Paul Sher
Jose Sierra
Porter Simmons
Holly Singleton
JC Sites
Lynette Skeete
Camille Smith
Henry Smith
Joan and Michael Smith
Magdelaine A. Smith
Paget Smith
Reed Smith
Kim Smith Spacek
Charlotte and Doug Snyder
Allan Sobin
Alice and Roger Soderberg
Sam Sorbaro
Roberta and Ronald Spalter
Fred Spencer
Martha Spengler
Katie Sperling
Antonina and Alan Squitieri
St. David's School 5th and 6th Grade
     Student Council
Lorraine Stephens-Olusesi
Richard Stern
Deb Stevens
Stephanie Stokes
Marlene and Timothy Stolarski
Jacob Stonecipher
Edward Stonehill
Andrew Storch
Ira Strassberg
Charlie Streep
Lisa and Scott Stuart
Getha and Gregory Stukes
Sean Suarez
Alexandra Sukin
Cynthia Sung
Michael Sunmonu
Gemma Suozzo
Allie Sweeney
Thomas Swift
Thomas Tabone
Alex Tananbaum
Lauren Tanenbaum
Jennifer Taveras
Eve Taylor
Fitz Tepper
Maria Terreo-Miller
Melissa Thomas
Dallas Thompson
Ross Thompson
Jake Thoubboron
Charles Thurman
Betty Tilghman^^
Katie Toepel
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Tomenson, III
Nicholas Torres
Stephanie Torromeo
Benette Tosh
Peter Townsend
Alex Trautwig
Carol and Paul Travis
Russell Turley
Allison Turner
Robert Turner
Judit and Jackie Ungar
Emily Upson
Michele Urbinati
Fabian Urquiza
Gil Valadez
Joseph Valenti* and Kathleen Lamantia
Nick van Eck
Jacqueline Vanhorne
Siya Vansia
Luigi Varca
Victoria and Nishan Vartanian
Laura Vaughan
Robert Vaughan
Aida and Jose Vazquez
Carlos Velazquez
Madeleine Veronis
Christine Veschi
Mauricio Videla
Isabel Villalba
Tiffany Visconti
Theodore Wackerman
Caroline Wagner
John Wagner
Walker Wainwright
Alan Waldenberg
David Walker
Drew Walker
Natalie Wall
Andrew Wallach
Jeff Walsh
Jaine Wardle
Carolyn and Phil Warner
Leslie Warner
Lisa Warren-Kruger and Konrad Kruger
Skyler Wasser
Matthew Weber
Susan and William Webster
Halley Weinreb
Jay Weinstein
Virginia and James Welch
Kyle Wellner
Thomas Wheatley
Emma Williams
Caroline Williamson
Carol and Mark Willis
Shirley Willis and Omar Branch
Nina Wilmerding
George Wimpfheimer
Dustin Winkelman
Karen Wood
Mary and Francis Wood
Anthony Woods
Randolph Worrell
Alexandria Wright
Seth Wright
Robert Yanashusky
Wamakoze Yearnney
Caroline Yerkes
Christine Yip
Jesselena Ynoa
Stella and Cetin Yontar
Erica Zaglin
Leonard Zangas
Helen Zingale
Joseph Zoleta
Anonymous (8)


Travis Acquavella
Sara Stowe Ayres
Victoria Vargas D'Agostino
Ellen Niven Deery
Fairway Market
Amy Griffin

Tracey Huff
JetBlue Foundation
Stephanie Kearney
Ros L'Esperance
Anjali Melwani
Monique V. Merrill

Alexandra Mondre
Options Technology
Betsy Pitts
Alexia Hamm Ryan
Tyler Schiff
Cynthia van Eck


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As of June 30, 2020