Beacon’s First Rugby Trip

On Sunday, December 8, nine members of BCNY’s Beacon program participated in their very first flag rugby competition. The overwhelming display of support from members’ families helped boost the spirit of our members and team morale. Our leading elementary team was stacked with 13 members, all able and ready for the win! The co-ed teams showed great teamwork as they competed in a 5-on-5 structure. Beacon member Janaya even received the “Go Forward” award for displaying sportsmanship and a consistently positive attitude throughout the competition.  Although this was the first time our members participated in rugby, they displayed incredible physical skill, grit, and outstanding newfound knowledge of the game. They maintained a growth mindset and overcame challenges throughout the competition. Their team camaraderie was evident as members supported each other and worked together as a unit. Family members were able to see their children show high levels of adaptability, resiliency, and team corporation. These skills would ultimately lead them to success



After the game concluded, the team gathered in a restorative circle to debrief and focus on ways to improve both individual and group performance. As the day drew to a close, families were invited into the restorative circle to share reflections and shout-outs. Thanks to BCNY Beacon Director Richard Kirkland aka “Coach Rick,” the competition went off without a hitch.  With Coach Rick’s infectious passion for rugby, we’re confident more members will engage in rugby activities in the coming season. See all the action here!