Board & Staff

Board of Trustees

In 1876, The Boys’ Club of New York’s founder, Edward H. Harriman, assembled a group of his friends and business associates to create the original Board of Trustees.  Since then, hundreds of the city’s most prominent philanthropists, business people, and social leaders have served with great distinction.  The current Board of Trustees includes descendants of those original Board members as well as a number of BCNY alumni.  A diverse group of men and women, the Trustees lend their expertise to every area of BCNY’s governance, including financial management, program development, long-range planning, and fundraising.

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

William B. Tyree, President
Edward J. Rappa, Chairman

Valentino D. Carlotti, Vice President
Damien Dwin, Vice President
R. Christopher Errico, Treasurer/Finance & Audit Committee Chair
Robert L. Ireland, Jr., Committee on Trustees Chair
Elaine Langone, Secretary
Jeffrey M. Moslow, Vice President
Alexander Robertson, Program & Education Committee Chair
Remy W. Trafelet, Endowment & Pension Investment Committee Chair
Jacqueline R. Williams, Development Committee Chair
Stephen Tosh, Executive Director

Lee S. Ainslie III
Sara Stowe Ayres
Zack H. Bacon III
Douglas J. Band
Friederike K. Biggs
Richard M. Cashin, Jr.
Jonathan C. Clay
Dr. Struan H. Coleman
Dr. Ada S. Cooper
James F. Curtis III
Kitty Northrop Friedman
Amy Griffin
Colin J. Heffron
Linda Hickox
David Y. Howe
Stuart M. Katzoff
Raymond W. Kelly
Rashida K. La Lande
Andrew Mann
Jerome McCluskey
William G. McKnight III
Calvert S. Moore
Averell H. Mortimer
Thorne L. Perkin
Robert S. Pitts, Jr.
F. Lyon Polk III
Dean J. Poll
David E. Rappa
Mary E. Sheridan
Joseph V. Shields, Jr.
Kevin W. Stone
Douglas A. D. Teresko
Cynthia van Eck
Scott C. Wilson

Honorary Board

Silas R. Anthony, Jr.
Taylor S. Bodman
Don Cangelosi
Michael Carney
Howard L. Clark, Jr.
Thomas J. Devine
Robert M. Gardiner
Elbridge T. Gerry, Jr.
John R. Gordon
H. Anthony Ittleson
Jayne Teagle Keith
Alexander M. Laughlin
Hildegarde E. Mahoney
Judith E. Makrianes
Allan A. Ryan III
Dr. Raymond H. Schneider
Sheldon J. Tannen

Women's Board

The Women’s Board was founded in 1968 to raise support for The Boys’ Club of New York and provide volunteer services to the boys.  Descended from BCNY’s original 1920s-era Ladies Auxiliary and the Women’s Division’s first annual gala in 1935, today’s Women’s Board provides crucial fundraising while working to build awareness of BCNY’s work and its mission.  The Women’s Board hosts dinner dances, fashion shows, luncheons, and other events that are regularly on the calendars of New York-area philanthropists and social leaders. They also volunteer in the clubhouses and provide programmatic resources. The Women’s Board is governed by its own set of by-laws distinct from the Board of Trustees.  Several Women’s Board members also serve as Trustees.

Women's Board

Ritchey B. Howe, President
Gabrielle Bacon, Vice President
Ellen Niven Deery, Vice President
Shabnam Henry, Vice President
Anjali Melwani, Vice President
Muffy Miller, Vice President
Dara B. O’Hara, Assistant Secretary
Betsy Pitts, Secretary

Presidents’ Council

Sara Stowe Ayres
Friederike K. Biggs
Amy Griffin
Linda J. Hickox
Kathryn Pardoe Irwin
Jayne Teagle Keith
Hildegarde E. Mahoney
Monique V. Merrill
Nancy Missett
Hilary Geary Ross
Nancy I. Stahl
Cynthia van Eck
Jacqueline R. Williams

Kristin F. Allen
Travis Acquavella
Stephanie A. Coleman
Merrill H. Curtis
Victoria Vargas D’Agostino
Eleanor Dejoux
Danielle Ganek
Cosby W. George
Jamee T. Gregory
Nathalie G. Kaplan
Stephanie Kearney
Karen Klopp
Ros L’Esperance
Brooke Harlow Lynyak
Kathryn A. Miller
Tiffany Moller
Gigi Mortimer
Mary Kathryn Navab
Claudia T. Overstrom
Tatiana G.P. Perkin
Marina S. Purcell
Elizabeth Singer
Alexandra Robertson
Shafi Roepers
Alice Ross
Alexia Hamm Ryan
Tyler Schiff
Burwell Espy Schorr
Kathy Araskog Thomas
Diane van Amerongen
Eleanor Ylvisaker
Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer

Honorary Board

Virginia S. Burke
Louise Grosvenor
Allie Hanley
Mai Hallingby Harrison
Elaine A. Langone
Judith Laughlin
Laura H. McCloy
Kitty McKnight
Armene L. Milliken
Virginia E. Morgan
Nancy C. Phelan
Lindsey Pryor
Barbara W. Robinson
Hope G. Simpson
Elizabeth E. Tilghman
Barrie Vanderpoel
Nina Wainwright
Thorunn Wathne


BCNY staff members bring years of youth development experience, a passion for serving our community, and a commitment to the success of all of our members.  Several of our staff members are former Boys’ Club boys themselves, and are helping BCNY extend its legacy to the next generation of boys and young men.  To find a staff member at your clubhouse or to reach someone at the Administrative Office, simply expand the listings below.  For more information about our clubhouses, please click here.

Name: Karen Asencio
Phone: (718) 886-5454
Title: Lobby Supervisor
Name: Ron Britt
Phone: (718) 886-8455
Title: Clubhouse Director
Name: Karina Cerrato
Phone: (718) 886-4978
Title: Arts Director
Name: Gregory Fleury
Phone: (718) 886-4990
Title: Teen Director
Name: Norris Gordon
Phone: (718) 886-7077
Title: Physical Education Director
Name: William Gorman
Phone: (347) 287-3638
Title: Maintenance Superintendent
Name: Amy Li
Phone: (718) 886-7803
Title: Registrar
Name: Bill Mitchell
Phone: (212) 828-5763
Title: Director of High School Access
Name: Orlando Nazario
Phone: (347) 287-3620
Title: Aquatics Director
Name: Otha Caldwell
Phone: (212) 534-5483
Title: Teen Director
Name: Sanchez Ignacio
Phone: (347) 505-6418
Title: Aquatics Director
Name: Amar Kelly
Phone: (212) 348-6059
Title: Physical Education Director
Name: Raeven King
Phone: (212) 348-6059
Title: Saturday Night Lights Director
Name: Maria Lopez
Phone: (347) 505-4531
Title: Arts Director
Name: Robert Martinez
Phone: (347) 505-6416
Title: Maintenance Superintendent
Name: Nicole Ransone
Phone: (347) 505-4514
Title: Education Director
Name: Felicita Rivera
Phone: (212) 534-2923
Title: Registrar
Name: Hilda Stanley
Phone: (212) 534-2710
Title: Operations Manager
Name: Terrence Taylor
Phone: (212) 828-2378
Title: Youth Director
Name: Jonathan Vargas
Phone: (212) 534-2661
Title: Lobby Supervisor
Name: Carlos Velazquez
Phone: (212) 534-5449
Title: Clubhouse Director
Name: Antonio Aponte
Phone: (212) 677-1109
Title: Director of High School Access
Name: Erik Diaz
Phone: (212) 529-2979
Title: Aquatics Director
Name: Cesar Gonzalez
Phone: (212) 533-2550
Title: Lobby Supervisor
Name: Matthew Hickey
Phone: (212) 529-5650
Title: Physical Education Director
Name: Laura Lewandowski
Phone: (212) 533-2553
Title: Operations Manager
Name: Alexandra Newlin
Phone: (212) 614-8827
Title: Mental Health Counselor
Name: Melissa Ocasio
Phone: (212) 533-3058
Title: Junior Director
Name: Kazz Alexander Pinkard
Phone: (212) 533-2552
Title: Clubhouse Director
Name: Isabel Ramirez
Phone: (212) 533-2554
Title: Registrar
Name: Edward Ramirez
Phone: (347) 505-5349
Title: Maintenance Superintendent
Name: Jennifer Weil
Phone: (212) 253-8012
Title: Explorer Director
Name: Nana Annan
Phone: (347) 505-5411
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Name: Susan Bender
Phone: (347) 677-1105
Title: Special Events Associate
Name: Jesse Calagna
Phone: (347) 505-5419
Title: Database Manager
Name: Taryn Campbell
Phone: (347) 505-5341
Title: Director of Program Development
Name: Geneen Coburn
Phone: (347) 505-5418
Title: Human Resources Assistant
Name: Allison Dalton
Phone: (347) 505-5388
Title: Special Events Manager
Name: Maryellen Donnelly
Phone: (347) 505-4548
Title: Director of Operations
Name: Courtney Ford
Phone: (212) 353-2122
Title: Chief Development Officer
Name: Jermaine Foster
Phone: (347) 505-5343
Title: IT Assistant
Name: Jane Kelly
Phone: (347) 505-5398
Title: Director of Individual Giving
Name: Cinda Lawrence
Phone: (212) 677-7261
Title: Executive Associate
Name: Didier Le Solliec
Phone: (347) 505-5399
Title: IT Manager
Name: Alice Maggin
Phone: (347) 505-5416
Title: Director of Communications
Name: Haley Meyer
Phone: (347) 505-5389
Title: Special Events Manager
Name: Frank Moraca
Phone: (212) 677-1103
Title: Director of Financial Administration
Name: Christine Munoz
Phone: (212) 979-2863
Title: HR Manager
Name: Libby Nussbaum
Phone: (212) 982-5208
Title: Communications Associate
Name: Barbara Perlov
Phone: (347) 505-5386
Title: Director of Foundation and Government Relations
Name: Maria Rivera
Phone: (347) 505-5340
Title: Finance Associate
Name: Paul Rosengarten
Phone: (212) 677-1479
Title: Director of Accounting
Name: Bart Samson
Phone: (212) 677-1104
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Name: Johnny Santiago
Phone: (212) 260-6249
Title: Finance Manager
Name: Francesca Sherman
Phone: (347) 505-5326
Title: Director of Organizational Learning
Name: Michael Stultz
Phone: (212) 260-2614
Title: Director of IT
Name: Stephen Tosh
Phone: (212) 677-4120
Title: Executive Director, CEO