2019 Annual Report

The Boys’ Club of New York 2019 Annual Report

Data & Demographics

1,515 Registered Members

30% Explorers (Grades 2-4)
33.3% Juniors (Grades 5-8)

34.7% Intermediates (Grades 9-10)
& Seniors (Grades 11-12)

96% Identify as a person of color
73% Qualify for free or reduced school lunch

5,000 music lessons (and counting!) were provided by professional musicians!

709 members jumped into BCNY’s on-site pools for various levels of swimming lessons, swim team, or lifeguarding.

96% of Juniors feel like there is someone they can talk to at the Boys’ Club.

70% of our members participated in studio arts, dance, 3D art, photography, cultural arts, and animation.

93 teen members gained work experience through BCNY’s Career Prep programs.


More than 80% of members received help with their homework!

94% of members reported that 
their overall fitness improved.

96% of Explorers feel more confident at the Boys’ Club.

Chef It Up!

Cooking competitions are trending everywhere these days—and the Boys’ Club of New York has also joined in on the fun. As part of our “Chef It Up!” program, members participate in scrimmages to test their culinary skills. Winners from each clubhouse then go on to participate in a competition where celebrity chefs are the judges. Just like a battle-chef television show, the chefs will answer a judge’s questions about their technique, ingredients, or entrée without wasting a precious minute of slicing, dicing, and sautéing.

The competition concludes after each team presents their plated entrée to the judging panel with a 2-minute presentation, where their dishes are tasted, and a winner is chosen.

90 Explorers, Juniors, and Intermediates participated in our culinary program and competitions, building healthy eating habits and technical kitchen skills as they learned to cook a well-balanced meal, even in the HEAT of battle.



McKenna Expeditionary Team | An Exploration into Manhood

The piercing sounds of birds chirping, grasshoppers buzzing, and creatures rustling through the woods were all clear signs our Boys’ Club members were out of the hustle-and-bustle that is New York City. In fall of 2019, seven young-men-adventurers embarked on a fifteen-mile journey through the Appalachian trail—a voyage that solidified their presence as BCNY’s first-ever McKenna Expeditionary Team!

Led by Harriman Base Camp Director Otha Caldwell and Gerry Clubhouse Physical Education Director Amar Kelly, the group includes advanced wilderness explorers who are excelling in school and are active members of BCNY’s Harriman Base Camp program.

Members are committed to testing and expanding their limits and taking outdoor experiences to a new level. “My experience was very positive because they didn’t necessarily tell us what to do; they let us figure it out for ourselves. I think that’s a better way to learn,” said Intermediate member Kaleal. 

The trek tested their knowledge of tent-pitching, map-reading, and poisonousness plant awareness and reinforced the importance of brotherhood, fellowship, and comradery.

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We have a Speakers Bureau!

If you are interested in learning more about why boys’ development programs are essential—and how you can get involved in making a difference in the lives of boys and young men—please consider inviting a member of BCNY’s Speakers Bureau to your next meeting, conference, or summit. Our Speaker’s Bureau aims to amplify the issue of why comprehensive programming for boys and young men is key to their healthy growth and development.

Members of the BCNY Speakers Bureau are experts in youth development, well-versed in the program structure and mission of the Boys’ Club, and are available to provide presentations to colleges and universities, national and international summits, schools, places of worship, community groups, corporations, and civic associations.

For more information, click here or contact BCNY’s Director of Communications and Marketing Shonda Smith at 347.505.5416 or shonda.smith@bcny.org.

The I AM Conference

BCNY’s “I AM” program targets boys and young men in grades seven and up with the goal to help them become more informed, engaged, and active citizens.

In May 2019, the I AM conference was held at BCNY’s Gerry Clubhouse and headlined by Emmy-nominated actor and producer Michael K. Williams, best known for his work on The Wire, which ran for five seasons on HBO.

The event included a screening of the HBO documentary Raised in the System, which focuses on the juvenile justice system and the dire need for reform. The film highlights Williams as he meets young people affected by the juvenile justice system and examines solutions being enacted around the country. 

For more information and photos from the event, click here.

Meet BCNY’s Celebrity Ambassadors!

BCNY Celebrity Ambassadors are high-profile entertainers, actors, business executives, and athletes who help bring increased visibility to our work to empower boys and young men to succeed in life.

The commitment for an Ambassador is flexible and varies depending on schedule, interests, and areas of expertise. Ambassadors may sometimes re-tweet a BCNY event photo or meet with boys and young men in a robotics lab, on a basketball court, or through judging a young men’s cooking competition.

Meet our newest Celebrity Ambassadors, who joined our roster in 2019:

Hasan Minhaj
Comedian & Host of
Netflix’s Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

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Cory Nieves
Founder & CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies

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Etan Thomas
BCNY alumnus, activist,
NBA veteran, & author

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Alumni Spotlight: Meet Michael Stultz

Mike joined the Boys’ Club at age 12, shortly after migrating to the United States from Kingston, Jamaica, with his younger brother Roderick.

Joining the Boys’ Club helped Mike acclimate to an entirely new country and culture. He engaged in group-club activities such as pool, table tennis, foosball, boxing, and basketball and spent lots of time in the computer lab. He took full advantage of the education program, eventually earning a bachelor of science degree in electrical and computer system engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Mike’s enthusiasm for the Boys’ Club, however, was not initially matched by his father. “The ‘boys only’ concept seemed nefarious to my dad. He also wasn’t happy that I was out of the house later than usual with evening club events because of the crime in those days.”

Fortunately for Mike, his dad eventually came around. “The Boys’ Club made it easier for me to integrate into this country. It provided a safe environment and kept me insulated from the many hazards of street life. Through the Boys’ Club, I was also able to gain employment at a computer firm that would provide the basis for my future career as an engineer.”

The impact of the Boys’ Club on Mike’s life was, and is, profound. “During my weekly visits throughout BCNY, the enthusiasm emanating from members can easily be seen. If I close my eyes, the sounds and senses are reminiscent of my days as a young boy at Harriman Clubhouse. The memories spent playing sports and learning new things are vivid in my mind. I still enjoy volunteering in the clubhouses to help members with robotics and participating in panels to share career tips with members. The Boys’ Club has, and will always be, a defining feature of who I am today.”

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All About Robotics!

The Gerry Lego Lions participated in the 2019 NYC FIRST LEGO League Championships.

The robotics team secured a Second Place trophy for their innovative project, The Resistor, along with competitive scores for their core values and performance in the robot games, to earn a Golden Ticket to the city-wide regional finals—the first BCNY team ever to do so!

The Resistor: an exercise exoskeleton to help astronauts combat the effects of muscle atrophy due to long periods of zero gravity.

The Resistor was the boys’ answer to this year’s challenge: to identify a physical or social problem faced by humans during long-duration space exploration and propose a new or improved solution.


2019 Highlights


Youth Council

BCNY’s Youth Council partnered with the Food Bank For New York City to help New Yorkers gain access to nutritious food and hope for a better future by volunteering, campaigning, and more!

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Members Take Washington, D.C.

This summer, 12 young men from Abbe Clubhouse in Flushing, Queens visited the nation’s capital with Congresswoman Grace Meng to witness politics and policy in action.



Suited up! 2019

Last year, a team of Macy’s style experts helped BCNY’s teens find just the right attire, while also measuring, fitting, and pinning them to achieve the perfect tailored look.


What’s Ahead

Our Beloved Harriman Clubhouse Building Will Continue Serving Local Community

This past summer, BCNY sold the Harriman Clubhouse building at 287 East 10th Street in the East Village to an anonymous buyer* who will preserve the structure for community use. BCNY is exploring additional spaces that will allow us to continue serving members in the neighborhood.

The seven-story building is located on the northwest corner of East 10th Street and Avenue A in Manhattan. Long beloved by neighbors, the building attracted increased attention in 2018 with BCNY’s listing of the property for sale purchased for $32 million.

The sale provides us with the opportunity to continue many of its flagship afterschool programs—art, music, physical education, and academic enrichment—to its current members. Proceeds from the sale will also be used to expand our programming to new communities, potentially in the South Bronx, Brownsville, and East New York.

The Harriman Clubhouse was erected in 1901 and has served as a clubhouse for the Boys’ Club ever since.




Thank you to our 2019 Annual Fund Donors!

Your support ensures that BCNY can continue to provide crucial programs to our members. 

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