2019 Annual Fund Donors

Thank you to our 2019 Annual Fund Donors! 

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Frank Bisignano
Lisa and Dick Cashin
Mimi and Curt Curtis
Dolce & Gabbana
First Data Corporation
Amy and John Griffin
Colin J. Heffron
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Co.
Elaine and Ken Langone
Kitty and Bill McKnight
Anjali and Prakash Melwani
Kathryn and Corbin Miller
Mary Kathryn Navab
Betsy and Rob Pitts
Hilary and Lyon Polk
Alexandra and Alex Robertson
Mrs. John R. Robinson
Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo
Mary E. Sheridan
Kathryn and Bill Tyree
Cynthia and Jan van Eck


Elizabeth and Lee Ainslie
Sara Stowe Ayres
Willa and Taylor Bodman
Ellen and Alan Breed
Stephanie and Chase Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan A. Dejoux
Damien Dwin
Lise and Michael Evans
Linda and Chat Hickox
Mr. and Mrs. David Y. Howe
Robert L. Ireland, Jr.
Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis
Frank L. Mansell*
Gigi and Avie Mortimer
Linda and Jeff Moslow
Claudia and Gunnar Overstrom
Tatiana and Thorne Perkin
Marina and Tom Purcell
Tamara and Ed Rappa
Julian Robertson
Burwell Espy Schorr
Kevin W. Stone
Jackie and Gene Williams
Scott C. Wilson
Anonymous (1)


Travis and Nick Acquavella
Shelley and Michael Carr
Heather Corbett and William Amenta
Merrill and Ashton Curtis
Victoria and Francisco D’Agostino
Jennifer and Steve Errico
Lisa and Chris Errico
Ferragamo USA, Inc.
Danielle and David Ganek
Timothy and Cosby George
GFI Group, Inc.
Tracey and Craig Huff
Jean and Barclay Jones
Karen and John Klopp
Ros L’Esperance
James Linville
Mrs. David Mahoney
Tiffany and Claus Moller
Calvert and George Moore
Linda and Dean Poll
John Rapawy*
Jill Roosevelt
Alice and Jim Ross
Alexia and Baird Ryan
Sheri and Howard Schultz
Stephen and Kitty Sherrill
Barry Sternlicht
Ferebee and Brook Taube
Kathy and Andrew Thomas
Julia and Ted Weld
Aerin and Eric Zinterhofer


Gabrielle and Lou Bacon
Friederike Biggs
Jamie and Fran Biondi
Laura and Lloyd Blankfein
Susan and Jonathan Bram
Marjorie and Walter Buckley
Caroline and Tom Dean
Ellen Niven Deery
Annabelle and Gregory Fowlkes
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert M. Gardiner
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Audrey and Marty Gruss
Cynthia and Jamie Kempner
Rick Kleeman
Brooke and Kevin Lynyak
Muffy and Don Miller
Armene Milliken
Alexandra and Gregory Mondre
Sue and Tony O’Connor
Dara and Tim O’Hara
Jeffrey Schoenfeld
Mimi Sternlicht
Diane and Lew van Amerongen
Anonymous (2)


Robert Adrian
Mary Pat and Darren Alcus
Christine and Francisco Alfaro
Kristin and Charles Allen
Leigh and Ben Carpenter
Poppy and Robert Clements
Luisa and Toby Cobb
Crow Hill Foundation
Mary and Marvin Davidson
Linda and Tom Dixon
Pat Dunnington
Liete and Mark Eichorn
Amanda Eilian
Victoria and David Foley
Lawrence Gubler
Candace S. Hamm
Sheila Heffron and Michael Rankowitz
Shabnam and Tom Henry
Tania and Brian Higgins
Lisina Hoch*
Diane and Winston Hutchins
Paul Isaac
Amelia and Oscar Junquera
Jennifer and Jeffrey Kelter
Julia and David* Koch
Hillary and Glenn Krevlin
Naddisy Foundation
Lattner Family Foundation, Inc.
Pat and Jack Lentz
The Honorable and Mrs. Earle I. Mack
Susan and Stephen Mandel
Ashley and Jeffrey McDermott
Emily and Terry Meehan
Ronay and Richard Menschel
Virginia and Alfred Morgan
Sarina and Gordon Ogden
Lillian and Thomas O’Malley
Linda and Herald Ritch
Linda and Jimmy Robinson
Alexander Roepers
Amy and Hartley Rogers
Tyler and Jamie Schiff
Sandi and Bill Strong
Alyssa and Marco Tablada
Diana Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Tomenson, III
Peter Treadway
Deborah van Eck
Lauren and John Veronis
Tristana Waltz and Grier Eliasek
Donna Winston


Catherine Babcock Arsala and John Arsala
Dennis Basso and Michael Cominotto
Laurel Beebe Barrack
Peggy and Paul Bitler
Kristin and John Clark
Leslie and Kevin Coleman
Hélène and Stuyvesant Comfort
Dana and Larry Creel
Thomas Davis
Matt Dobyns
Chiara and Ben Edmands
Desmond Fitzgerald
Betsy and Brian Frank
Kitty and Peter Friedman
Beatrice and Quintin George
Victor Geraci
Stacey and Robert Goergen
Sherri and Jack Grace
Gregg Hayden
Kathy and Arthur Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Johnson, Jr
Nathalie G. Kaplan
Cynthia and Stephen Ketchum
Judy and Alex Laughlin
Amanda and Thomas Lister
Madison Fur LLC DBA Yves Salomon
Rebekah and Colin McCabe
Liz and Jeffrey Peek
Cynthia Russell
Jeannine and Peter Schoeffer
Doug Schoeler
Helena and Per Skarstedt
Ilse and Murray Stark
Amanda Taylor and Clifford Brokaw
Jamie Tisch
Tory and Nelson Walsh
Annelise and David Winter
Lisa and David Wolf
Clelia and Tom Zacharias
Anonymous (1)


Susan Augustyn and Glenn Schiller
Dawn and Terrill Barnard
Tammy and Greg Belinfanti
Lisa and Jeff Blau
Serena and Brad Bowman
Leslie Brille
Bernadette and Andrew* Briskar
T. Kimball Brooker, Jr.
Ilyse and Roberto Buaron
Deborah Cipriano
Jeffrey R. Cohen, ESQ.
Ann and Elliot Conway
John Conway
Norma and Larry Corio
Courtney and David Corleto
Elena and John Coumantaros
Lisa and Philip Crawford
Ellen and Gerald Cromack
Elizabeth da Trindade-Asher

Norah and John Daly
Kamakshi and Maneesh Deshpande
John DiGregoria
DKF Enterprise Limited
Aimee and George Eberle
Ingrid and Tom Edelman
G. P. Egbert III
Patricia and Alexander Farman-Farmaian
Martha and Paddy Farrell
Wendy and Andrew Fentress
Kara and Peter Georgiopoulos
Janet and Elbridge Gerry

Kitty and Ebby Gerry
Richard Giles
Mark Giordano
G-Net Construction Corp
Lise and Gregory Godvin
Louise Grunwald
Hope Eisman and Bob Grusky
Maria and Sherlock Hackley
Mai Hallingby Harrison
Robert Harteveldt
Mary Ellen and Gates Hawn
Puiyin and Matt Henahan
Janine and Tom Hill
Judith and William Hiltz
Vivian Horan
Rachel and Ara Hovnanian
Stephanie Hunt
India Hicks
Lisa and Donald Jackson
Octavio James
Susannah and Peter Kagan
Jayne Teagle Keith
Eleanora Kennedy
Valerie and John Kratky
Tom Kurlak
Dean and Mara Landis
Nhung and Bruce Langone
Patricia and Gerrity Lansing
Marta Lawrence
Peter Lawson-Johnston
Peter and Eve Lehrman
Lara Lerner
Jason Liebman
Richard Lisman
Simone and Chris Mailman
Laurie and Jay Mandelbaum
Steve Marland
Whitney and Michael Marriott
Schuyler and Patrick McBrien
Elizabeth and David McCreery
Deirdre McDonald
Laurie and Jeff Meskin
Michelle and Raffiq Nathoo
Marcie and Jordan Pantzer
Kelly and Gerry Pasciucco
Yesim and Dusty Philip
Sally and David Polak
Edith and Sidney Posel
Lindsey and Sam Pryor
Ilona and Alan Quasha
Fabiana and Samuel Ramirez
Carolyn and Joseph Reece
Julie Richardson
Risk Strategies Company
Daniel Romualdez
Susan and Burke Ross
Nancy and Joseph Sambuco
Adrianne and Neal Schmidt
Alison and Thomas Schneider
William Sherrill
Mr. and Mrs. Hardwick Simmons
Martha and Howard Simpson
Suzette de Marigny Smith
Mary Snow
Tracy and Jay Snyder
Thomas D. and Denise R. Stern
Leslie Stevens
Katherine Storlaski-Diaz and Julius Diaz
Bette and Thomas Sturges
Tom Sung
The Healey Family Foundation
The Kandell Fund
Barbara Tober
Maria Torroella Carney and Joseph Carney
Diane and Stephen Tosh
W. Brophy Tyree Jr
Margie and Bill Ughetta
Bronson van Wyck
Maria Von Bothmer Villalba
Amanda and John Waldron
Carolyn and Phil Warner
Thorunn Wathne
Debby and Peter Weinberg
William and Francoise Barstow Foundation
Jean and Richard Witmer
Nora and Sam Wolcott
Marnie and Stephen Worth
Sara and Nat Zilkha


Hank Alpert
AMC Electrical Services, Inc.
Muffie Potter Aston and Sherrell Aston
Amanda and Zack Bacon
Rhonda and Robert Banker
Mary Benedetto
Enrica Bentivoglio
Diana and Jimmy Bostwick
Phil Bowman
Thomas Brasuell
Virginia S. Burke
Andrew Burns
Ariadne and Mario Calvo Platero
John and Diane Chachas
Robert Chen
Kai and Charlotte Chin
Sana and Todd Clegg
Catherine and Charlie Cole
Isobel and Struan Coleman
Melissa and David Condo
Helen and Bill Covington
Lion-Robert Creel
Austen and Ernesto Cruz
Lisle and Blake Davies
Gayle Desiree Davis
Mary Dillow
Thomas Duffy
Kristen and Patrick Durkin
Connie and Bob Dwyer
Elizabeth Edelman
Larry Eng
Maryann Evans
Gerald J. Ferrante
Findlay Galleries
Libby and Terry Fitzgerald
Carl Folta
Courtney K. Ford
Catherine and Evrard Fraise
David Friedman
Willis Fries
Lee and Sergio Galvis
Mary Carlisle and Ben Gambill
Samantha and John Gellert
Gigi Gidumal
Carolyn and Parker Gilbert
Sallie Giordano
Mr. and Mrs. José Ramon Gonzalez
     in honor of Alice Ross
Carolyn Grace
Grand Street Settlement
Wesley and Terry Guylay
Cristina Hackley
Sezelle and Jimmy Haddon
Joseph R. Hardiman
Stephen Hearn
Shannon Henderson
Tom Hendren
Robert Hoerle
Janet and Robert Howard
Blair and Fazle Husain
Randall Jackson
Stephanie and James Kearney
Margie and Darrell Kestner
Atul Khanna
Meghan and Adam Klopp
Zoe L’Esperance
Georgie Lewis
Carolyn and Ian Mackenzie
Robbianne Mackin
Stan Makson
Celeste and Peter Manice
Heather McAuliffe
Kevin McCaffrey
Michael McDonald
Linda and Ben McGrath
Elizabeth and Morgan McLanahan
Lara and William McLanahan
James McNeil
Aleesha Melwani
Kevin Merced
Monique Merrill
Rick Meskell
John Michnya

Evalyn and Stephen Milman

Peggy Murphy and Larry Mercado
Carmen and Troy Neal
Suzanne and David Oliver
Brooke and Christopher Ooten
Samantha Osborne
Alexander Osgood
Palmer and Ryan O’Sullivan
Carter Patrick
Ulises Pena
Sharon M. Petrovich
Nancy Phelan
Nicole and Brett Pickett
Christina and Albert Pisa
Irene and Mario Ponce
Stanley T. Poreba, M.D.
Christina Porter
Cathy and Malcolm Price
Michael Puntillo
Sean T. Quinlivan
GiGi Ramnani
Julia and John Randall
Tamara Rappa
Valerie and Charles Rappaport
Leslie Roach
Juan Rosario
Alexandra and Louis Rose
Pasqualina Sacchetti
Duncan Sahner
David Saunders
Margaret Savoca and Bruce Bradford
Cynthia Schlegel
Dafna and Michael Schmerin
Brett Schumer
Anya and Andrew Shiva
Jose Sierra
Hunter Smith
Reed Smith
Brita and Ed Steffelin
Louise H. Stephaich
Cynthia Sung
Eve Taylor
Topsy Taylor
The Crescent Beach Club
Sava and Roger Thomas
Kari Tiedemann
Brian Tohir
Seran Trehan
Amy and John Tyree
H.P. Van Ingen Jr.
Bill Van Orman
John Vermylen
Sue Ann Weinberg
Deborah and Karl Wellner
Mary Ann and Jay Wheatley
Ronald Williams
Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth
Mr. and Mrs. David Wyshner
Judith Zeitlin and Raymond Pestrong
Bettina Zilkha
Caryn Zucker


Travis and Nick Acquavella
Barbara Alpert
Benjamin Steakhouse
Ellen and Alan Breed
Brooklyn Kitchen
Andrew Burns
Isobel and Struan Coleman
Lion-Robert Creel
Mimi and Curt Curtis
Francesca del Balzo and Harry Williams
Theresa Drescher
Paige DuBay
Fairway Market
Ruth Fasoldt
Magdalena Ferrin
Four Seasons Resort Orlando
Karen Gottfried
Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat
Stephanie Hakes
HarperCollins Publishers
Stephen Hearn
Colin J. Heffron
Kathy and Arthur Irwin
Cynthia and Jamie Kempner
Ronald Kreismann
Cinda Lawrence
Brooke and Kevin Lynyak
Maribel Martinez
Michael McIntyre
Kitty and Bill McKnight
Melba’s Restaurant
Carter Moore
Penguin Random House
The Pierre New York
Jill Roosevelt
Staci Ruiz
Margaret Savoca and Bruce Bradford
Tilden Park Capital Management LP
Kathryn and Bill Tyree
George Wimpfheimer
Aerin and Eric Zinterhofer



James F. Curtis III, Chair

Theodore D. Blackey
Howard L. Clark
Kitty and Bill McKnight
Nelson Nazario
Edward J. Rappa
Bill Tyree
Dennis Wynn
Bob Zuckerman



Stephanie Kearney, Co-Chair
Troy J. Neal, Co-Chair
Michael Puntillo, Co-Chair

Mickey Abernathy
Kara Andrea
Adam August
Alexander S. Baccile
Mary Benedetto
Alexander E. Bennett
Philip Bowman
Eliza Breed
Christopher Briggs
Diana Bromfield
Andrew Burns
Susan Chang
Brian Cintron
Thomas Cleary
Will Conrad
Lion-Robert Creel
Julia Dean
Francesca del Balzo
Mackenzie Dowling
Ashley Enthoven
Omar Ferreira
Willis Fries
Benjamin Garfinkel
Jonathan Garfinkel
Cristina Hackley
Stephen Hearn
Ted Henderson
Campbell Howe
Cranston Humphrey
Doria Josma
Adam Kalinsky
Adam Klopp
Meghan Klopp
Nicholas Leon
Zoe L’Esperance
James W. Linville
Jonathan Lopez
John T. Martin
Aleesha Melwani
Joseph Mensah
Carter Moore
Justin Morales
Samantha Osborne
Alexander Osgood
Christopher Oyathelemi
Helen Parzick
Carter Patrick
Ned Pierrepont
Eric Rivera
David C. Saunders
Andrew Sawyer
Brett Schumer
Michael Schumer
Edward Seber
Rory Shepard
Reed Smith
Fred Spencer
Jacob Stonecipher
Charles Streep
Eve Taylor
Isabel Taylor
Isaiah Thomas
Alex Trautwig
Nicholas van Eck
Siya Vansia
Robert Vaughan
Drew Walker
Matthew Weber
Perrin Wheeler
Harry Williams