Hello BCNY!

Our goal is to keep you as safe–and informed–as possible during these times of uncertainty.

In response to the threat posed by COVID-19 and the impact this public health crisis continues to have on our daily lives, including our schools and education facilities, many internet service providers have temporarily modified their service options to support learning from home. Some have even permanently changed their offerings.

We know that many of our members are from low- to middle-income households and understand that this reality equals poor internet service or none at all at home. Michael Stultz, BCNY’s Director of Information Technology, discovered a few resources in his ongoing research that may prove helpful in deciding how we move forward in these times. Here is a link to Digital Promise’s COVID-19 Online Learning Resources and FAQ. Additionally, below is a list of local providers and their offerings that you or a friend (please share widely!) may find helpful. Stay well, and don’t forget to check our website for more useful tools and resources in the coming days and weeks.


AT&T is waiving data overage fees to all customers so that families and students can stay connected during the pandemic. The company is promising not to terminate the service of any customer over the next 60 days.

All AT&T consumer-home-internet-wireline customers, as well as Fixed Wireless Internet, can use unlimited internet data. Additionally, AT&T will continue to offer internet access for qualifying limited income households at $10 a month through the Access from AT&T program. 


Spectrum Internet Assist is available exclusively to qualified households.


One or more members of your household must be a recipient of one of the following assistance programs:

National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP

Supplemental Security Income (for applicants age 65+ only)


Spectrum makes it simple for qualified households to sign up for low-income Internet assistance.

Free Internet modem

High-speed Internet at 30 Mbps

No data caps

No contracts

Optional in-home WiFi service at $5/m


Verizon states it will waive any late fees and not terminate any service for the next 60 days.