Virtual Harriman Clubhouse

A Virtual “Hello” from Clubhouse Director Antonio Aponte:

Hey members!

First and foremost, I want to wish you all my best in staying safe, supporting your families, and exercising all the measures to protect yourselves from COVID-19.  “We are ALL in this TOGETHER” is a phrase that will give us the strength to rise above this difficult time. 

We have been thrust into learning new ways to cope, and more importantly, new ways to learn. This is a revolutionary and exciting time to learn.  It’s a time to embrace the endless ways to bring visual excitement and community into your home. It’s a way to travel across continents right from your living rooms, your kitchen table, your room…and you can bring your entire families with you to see the world.

Live classes are full of students trying to listen, take notes, and avoid distractions—all while trying to comprehend and ask good questions at the same time.  Now, you can pause, rewind, and do extra reading or work on problem exercises before moving on. 

Now, you can reinforce your learning by listening to some great teachers, writers, artists, poets, and even athletes…you also have access to travel to some of the greatest museums and access some of the most excellent resources available. You can think out the box to learn more and go beyond what’s taught in a 40-minute session. You can go back to a section and seek out more information beyond the restraints of a traditional learning environment.  It’s 247, and you can go fast or slow and take your time to absorb more at your pace to grasp the content.

You are the driver of your bus to travel at a pace that will allow you to absorb the content, not miss the stop, and reach that destination.

Finally, the greatest opportunity is that we —BCNY—will be there to guide you and help you connect the dots to be the best that you can be!


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