bcny_portraits_photo-by-amelia-holowaty-krales_013_ar_Established in 1957, BCNY’s ISP Program, the oldest in the nation, places 55 members per year into independent day and boarding schools and academically rigorous  high schools nationwide. The program puts equal emphasis on academic preparation, enrollment, and retention, and provides year-round mentorship and support, even while boys are away from the clubhouses at school.

BCNY members interested in ISP must apply to participate in the program.  Candidates who demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence as well as interest in enriching extra-curricular activities, both at BCNY and beyond, will be accepted to the program.

Once accepted, members will participate in ISP Prep, during the summer and/or fall program cycles.





How the ISP Program Works: ISP Prep

During ISP Prep, members have access to academic, social, and cultural enrichment preparation, test prep, essay writing, interview help, tutoring, school visits, and more. During the fall, boys and their families meet individually with ISP program staff to identify and evaluate potential independent schools, review applications and cover letters, and navigate financial aid options. ISP Prep is open to rising 7th-11th graders.

To learn more about which ISP Prep session(s) to attend, speak with an ISP program staff member or visit our online calendar.

How the ISP Program Works: BCNY Support

Once a student is accepted to one or more independent or day schools, they are automatically advanced to the ISP Program. At this point students work with ISP staff to navigate and negotiate their financial aid packages and ultimately choose the right school.

Once a member selects their school, they and their parents participate in pre-departure meetings with BCNY’s mental health team, learning techniques for adapting to life away from home, and building support networks at home and at school. They also meet with ISP alumni to get first-hand knowledge of what life on campus may be like, and how to adjust to a new school situation.

Once the school year begins, ISP staff provide ongoing support, mentorship, and counsel through emails and phone calls, and meetings back at the clubhouse during school breaks. Additionally, the ISP program monitors academic progress and social-emotional adjustment by communicating with parents, advisors, school officials, and coaches to ensure the participant’s academic, social, cultural and athletic needs are being met. DES also provides workshops and seminars for participants and their families during the academic year. For many participants, tuition costs are primarily absorbed through school-based financial aid.

Opportunities for ISP Participants

To support ISP participants, the following programs and opportunities are offered year-round:

  • Test Prep & Tutoring
  • Parent Workshops
  • FAFSA/Scholarship Workshops
  • Student Leadership Workshops
  • Financial Literacy Guidance
  • Interview Prep with Alumni
  • College Campus Tours
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Youth Leadership Council
  • Alumni Networking
  • Access to Summer College Fairs
  • Summerfuel (Abroad Program)
ISP Parent Advisory Board (PAB)

Participation is open to all parents and guardians of members participating in the ISP program. The principal focus is to help parents of accepted members prepare for the challenges associated with independent boarding and day school placements. The PAB oversees personal development and fundraising activities that improve the quality of each family’s experience.

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