Meet Adam, Future Engineer

“Adam is the true definition of a Boys’ Club Boy,” says Abbe Clubhouse Teen Director Greg Fleury. “Adam has been a member of Abbe Clubhouse for ten years and has grown from a timid, shy boy to a confident, intelligent, well-rounded young man.”

Adam has been involved in almost every feature of BCNY programming over the past ten years. A graduate of the Gardiner School, Adam also participated in the Learn-to-Swim, College Prep, Group Clubs, Teen Cooking, and Teen Ambassador programs and was in the first group of teens from Abbe Clubhouse to take college tour to Washington, D.C., as part of the College Access program.

Today, Adam’s academic journey has landed him at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he’s majoring in Computer Engineering. “I owe a lot of my early life success to Abbe and the many friends and connections I’ve made along the way,” said Adam.

“I, along with his Abbe family, am excited to see where his journey will lead to next!” says Greg.

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