The Boys’ Club of New York has more than a thousand members participating in dozens of activities on any given day. Members are grouped by age to ensure they are surrounded by their peers and that they participate in age appropriate activities.

Explorers: Grades 2-4

Programs tailored to elementary school boys introduce our Explorers to BCNY’s values, program areas, and clubhouse culture.

Juniors: Grades 5-8 (Eighth graders will transition from Junior members to Intermediate members after the fall program cycle.)

Juniors are familiar with life at the clubhouse and are ready to become more engaged members and exercise more independence in selecting their programs. The focus is on developing leadership, teamwork, and communication skills as well as preparing for the high school admission process.

Intermediates: Grades 9-10

Intermediates are well versed in clubhouse activities and are becoming role models and mentors for their younger peers through our teen training programs. The focus is on identity building and academic achievement. They are encouraged to take advantage of tutoring, test prep classes, college advising, and career exploration services.

Seniors: Grades 11-12 & in College/Vocational School/Military Service/Job-Placement Program

Having been surrounded by a culture of support, Seniors are encouraged to focus on high school graduation, internships, and carving out the next chapter in their lives, through college, vocational training, military service, or job placement programs.

How We Define Alumni

Alumni are former BCNY members ages 21 and over. Boys’ Club alumni remain connected to the mission and values of BCNY and return to speak at events to share how their experiences in the clubhouses helped shaped the lives they are leading today.

Are you a former member of the Boys’ Club of New York? We’d love to hear from you! To get in touch, please email BCNH at Follow us on social media and let’s stay connected! For more information, visit our Alumni page.

Lifetime Membership Card

The Boys’ Club of New York’s (BCNY) lifetime membership card is a privilege we designate to those we consider a special member of our BCNY community. This valuable benefit provides designees with invitations to attend or participate in exclusive events for Boys’ Club alumni. Lifetime members are also invited to awards ceremonies, basketball tournaments, swim meets, cooking competitions, and music concerts. 

As a lifetime member, we respect and acknowledge recipients’ expertise as a partner in our work and mission to empower boys and young men by providing effective programs and a supportive community. As such, we will prioritize, review, and consider proposals lifetime members may share about collaborating on community projects, initiatives, or events in line with our mission.

Recipients of BCNY’s lifetime membership card include prominent television journalist Diane Sawyer, Emmy-nominated Actor and Producer Michael K. Williams, Comedian and TV Host Hasan Minhaj, and former Starbucks CEO and Chairman Howard Schultz.