Parent FAQs

If you have questions about the Boys’ Club of New York please take a look at the following list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Is the Boys’ Club of New York part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America?
No, we are not. BCNY was a founding member of the Federated Boys’ Clubs in 1906. The Boys’ Clubs of America became The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America (BGCA) in 1990, at which point BCNY remained a charter member. After almost 20 years, BCNY’s leadership decided that maintaining our historic commitment to serving the special needs of boys and young men proved to be distinct from the scope of BGCA’s mission, and in 2005 we amicably parted ways, although we remain mutually supportive and respectful of each other’s programming.

Why does BCNY only work with boys?
BCNY remains committed to its original mission to serve the critical needs of boys. We are happy to assist parents in finding affordable, quality options for their daughters, nieces and granddaughters.

How many staff members work at BCNY?
BCNY has more than 80 full-time staff and 150 part-time staff members.

Is BCNY Department of Health (DOH) Child Care certified?
Yes, we maintain a School Age Child Care certification from DOH at each Clubhouse.

Does BCNY operate on semesters like a school?
During the school year, BCNY operates all programs on a cycle basis. The fall cycle runs from September to December. The winter cycle runs from January to March, and the spring cycle runs from April to June.


How does a boy become a member?
Any boy age 7 – 21, regardless of zip code, immigration status or family’s income is eligible to become a member of the Boys’ Club of New York. All members, returning and new, must complete a registration form each fall if they wish to attend BCNY for the Fall Cycle. Parents/guardians must submit completed registration packets to Clubhouse Registrars in person. Incomplete or partial registration forms will not be accepted.

How much does BCNY cost?
After school membership (September – June) is $5. Summer camp (six weeks July – August) costs $25.

Is registration annual, or one-time?
Parents and guardians must register their member every year and each summer.

Does BCNY accept payment by credit card?
We do not accept credit cards. We accept cash, check and money orders.

Does BCNY provide meals?
We provide a snacks and dinner during the school year, breakfast, lunch and a snack during summer camp to members at no additional fee. We strive to serve only healthy meals and have limited the vending machine options.

Can members leave the clubhouses on their own?
Members 13 and older may go home on their own. Members 10-12 must have a parent or guardian submit a Junior Dismissal Permission Slip permitting him to walk home alone. Members under 10 must be picked up by an approved adult.

Who is allowed to pick up members?
All members will be released to approved adults only, as indicated on your member’s registration form.


When does summer camp begin and end?
Information about Summer Camp 2021 coming soon!

Who can attend summer camp?
Summer camp is open to all current BCNY members who have registered for the spring cycle by March 10, and meet attendance requirements throughout the cycle. If you are unsure about your member’s eligibility for Summer Camp, please see your clubhouse director.

Is there a separate registration form for summer camp?
Yes. Summer registration forms are available online and in the clubhouses. All registration Forms must be submitted in person to the Clubhouse Registrar.

Are breakfast and lunch included in the summer program?
Yes, breakfast, lunch and a snack will be served daily.

How much does summer camp cost?
The fee is $25 for one member, $35 for a family with two or more boys enrolled.

Can I get refunded once my child is registered?
No. Refunds will not be issued.

If you still have questions, please email us at