Eligible Ages

To register at Abbe Clubhouse and Gerry Clubhouse, new members must be in 2nd grade as of September 2018 and at least 7 years old.

To register at Harriman Clubhouse, new members must be in 3rd grade as of September 2018 and at least 8 years old.

Boys may be as old as 21 to register at all three clubhouses.

School Holiday Closures

BCNY is closed when NYC public schools are closed during the school year for regularly scheduled breaks and during unexpected closures due to weather.


Registered members ages 12 and under are expected to attend BCNY a minimum of 3 days a week. Members who cannot meet this expectation will have their membership reviewed and may have their membership suspended.


All clubhouses open at 2:45pm. Some clubhouses provide school pick-ups. Please contact your clubhouse director for more information.


Explorers are dismissed by 6:30pm. Explorers must be picked up by a parent/guardian by 6:30pm.

Juniors are dismissed by 7:30pm. Juniors (ages 10 – 12) whose parents/guardians have submitted the Junior Dismissal Permission Slip, included in the registration packet, may leave the clubhouse on their own, otherwise they must be picked up by a parent/guardian.

Teens must exit the clubhouse by 8:45pm. Teens may leave the clubhouse unattended but must scan out. If you require your teen member to be picked up by an authorized adult, please complete the Teen Member Required Pick-Up Form, included in the registration packet.

Members who cannot comply with dismissal times and are picked up past their dismissal time may have their membership reviewed or suspended.

To assure the safety of our members, parents/guardians must remain in the designated “Visitor Waiting Area” when waiting to pick up their members.


All visitors must receive a Visitor’s Pass from the front desk if they wish to enter the Clubhouse beyond the Visitor Waiting Area. Visitors are required to show ID upon entry, and their Visitor’s Pass must be visible during their visit. Those without a Visitor’s Pass will be asked to leave or obtain a pass before they can continue through the building. This helps to ensure the safety of our members.

During dismissal and scheduled programming, parents, guardians, and visitors must wait in the designated “Visitor Waiting Area” for their BCNY member to arrive for pick-up.

Music Lessons

Members can sign up for music lessons each cycle. Please contact your clubhouse registrar for more information.

Social Media

BCNY’s social media profiles are part of a conversation between real people. We encourage our community to submit memories, photos and stories of their or their member’s BCNY experiences. We assume that anyone sharing this user-generated content has the right to do so and has permission of the photographed individuals.
Please do not post photos BCNY members without the permission of a parent or guardian.

All BCNY members sign a media waiver upon registering which gives BCNY permission to post pictures of them on social media. Staff members may not post photos of members on personal social media accounts.