With over 40 programs specifically designed with our members in mind, BCNY builds boys into men of character with strong values, discipline, and a positive perspective.  We offer programs that help boys and young men stay in school and go on to college, discover their individual musical and artistic talents, develop healthy bodies, learn leadership skills, and just have fun.  For only $5 a year, our members have access to gyms, swimming pools, computer labs, music and art studios, and countless enriching and entertaining activities.


We separate our members by age in order to ensure that boys are surrounded by peers, both emotionally and physically.


Explorers are our youngest members, boys ages 7 – 9. The Explorer Department introduces members to all departments and aspects of the Clubhouse.


Junior members are ages 10-12. Many of the juniors are familiar with life at the Clubhouse and are ready to become more engaged and involved members. The Junior Department focuses on developing skills in leadership, teamwork, and communication.


Our Teen Department is dedicated to young men aged 13-20 and is overseen by staff who specialize in young adult services; they create a culture of long-term support and encouragement to help boys achieve success after high school. Young men ages 13-15 are grouped together for programs that focus on identity building and job skills development. Teens 15 and older are encouraged to take advantage of tutoring, test prep classes, college advising, and job placement services.