For over 140 years, BCNY has been providing fun and enriching programs to boys and young men, from sports and recreation, to dance, drama, and visual art. School year membership is $5, and any boy is welcome, no matter their immigration status, income, or zip code.

For Summer Camp Registration, click here.

Registration dates for the 2018-2019 Program Year will be announced during the Summer Cycle!


The first day of the 2017 Fall Cycle was Monday, September 18.

Registration eligibility depends on past attendance and registration:
(Dates refer to Fall 2017-2018 Program Year registration)

  • Current Summer 2017 Members:
    Members who met BCNY’s attendance policy during the Summer 2017 Cycle
  • Returning Members:
    Members who met BCNY’s attendance policy during the 2016-2017 Program Year but did not register for the Summer 2017 Cycle
  • New Members:
    Previously registered members who did not comply with BCNY’s attendance policy during the Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 program year or Summer 2017 cycle are considered New Members.
    Those who are new to The Boys’ Club of New York or those who registered for BCNY prior to the Fall of 2016 are also considered New Members.

Please note that space is limited. Members will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Those members who cannot be immediately registered due to space restrictions will be placed on a wait list in the order of their registration submission.



2017-2018 Registration Packet (English)
2017-2018 Registration Packet (Spanish)
2017-2018 Registration Packet (Mandarin)

All members, returning and new, must complete a registration form each fall if they wish to attend BCNY. Parents/guardians must submit completed registration packets to Clubhouse Registrars in person. Incomplete or partial registration forms will not be accepted. Registration dates and hours are listed below. Click here for clubhouse locations.

Parents/Guardians must submit the following to complete registration:

  • A completed registration form
  • A copy of a birth certificate or valid passport
  • $5 check, money order, or cash


Gerry Clubhouse Registrar Information

Registrar: Felicita Rivera: (212) 534-2923

Regular Registration Hours:
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays: 12 – 5pm and 6 – 8pm
Wednesdays and Fridays: 10am – 1pm and 2 – 6pm


Harriman Clubhouse Registrar Information


Registrar: Isabel Ramirez: (212) 533-2554

Registration Hours:
Monday- Friday 8:00am –  3:30pm
The registrar’s office will be closed from 12:00 -1:30pm


Abbe Clubhouse Registrar Information

Please note: registration is FULL at Abbe Clubhouse for Junior Members (5th-7th graders) and Explorer Members (2nd-4th graders). For more information or to join the waitlist, please contact Abbe Clubhouse Registrar Amy Li.


Registrar: Amy Li: (718) 886-7803


Eligible Ages
New members must be rising 2nd graders (entering the second grade in September 2017) to be eligible to register for membership at BCNY. Boys maybe be as old as 21 to register for BCNY programs.

School Holiday Closures
BCNY clubhouses will be closed on all school holidays and recesses. BCNY clubhouses will not be open for school closures or vacations.

Attendance Policy
Registered members ages 12 and under are expected to attend BCNY a minimum of 3 days a week.
Members who cannot meet these expectations may have their membership reviewed or suspended.

Dismissal Policy
Explorers are dismissed by 6:30pm.
Juniors are dismissed by 7:30pm.
Teens must exit the clubhouse by 8:45pm.
Members who cannot comply with dismissal may have their membership reviewed or suspended.

Click here to review a complete list of BCNY’s policies.