Summer Camp

Summer Camp at BCNY

JULY 2, 2018 – AUGUST 10, 2018

Each Clubhouse offers an all-day summer recreational program which continues the enriching programming BCNY holds during the school year. Members will enjoy swimming, fitness and athletics, game room activities, music, arts and crafts, and field trips.  Inherent in all of BCNY’s programming is the focus on leadership, conscientiousness, and camaraderie.

Summer Camp Announcements

Registration is FULL at Abbe Clubhouse for all ages.

As we get ready to start the summer cycle at the Boys’ Club, please review BCNY’s summer camp policies included below.
Please note that policies vary at all three clubhouses. Download clubhouse-specific policies by clicking the link below.
Download summer camp policies for Harriman Clubhouse
Download summer camp policies for Gerry Clubhouse
Download summer camp policies for Abbe Clubhouse


Summer Camp FAQs

Who can attend summer camp?
Summer camp is open to current BCNY members who registered for the 2017-2018 Program Year by Friday, March 30 and met attendance requirements throughout the Spring Cycle (April – June). If you are unsure about your member’s eligibility for summer camp, please see your clubhouse director.

Is there a separate registration form for summer camp?
Yes. Registration for summer camp occurs during the spring cycle.
Summer registration forms are available online and in the clubhouses. All registration forms must be submitted in person to the Clubhouse Registrar.

How much does summer camp cost?
The fee is $25.00 for one member, $35.00 for a family with two or more boys enrolled.

Can I get refunded once my child is registered?
No. Refunds will not be issued.

Where is camp held?
Summer camp is held at all three clubhouses.
Junior and teen members will have a special opportunity to experience overnight adventures at BCNY’s sleepaway camp at Harriman State Park.

Are breakfast and lunch included in the summer program?
Breakfast, lunch and a snack will be served daily.
Members may bring their own lunch but BCNY will not refrigerate or heat up any food.

When are the clubhouses open?
Clubhouses open at 8:00 AM for drop off and will close at 5:30 PM. All members must be picked up from summer camp by 5:15 PM. Please see below for pick up and drop off policies.

Is there an HSA academic component of summer camp?
Yes. High School Access (HSA) will provide academic support focused on math & reading throughout the summer to all members in 5th – 7th grade.

Is there academic support for special needs students with IEPs?
Academic Tutoring Support Services for special needs students with IEPs are available at Harriman and Gerry Clubhouses. Contact your education director for more information.

Summer Camp Drop Off & Pick Up Policies

Drop Off Policies

  • Drop off begins at 8:00 AM. Members must be dropped off by 8:45 AM.
  • At some clubhouses breakfast will only be served until 8:30 AM & all outside breakfast food must be consumed by 8:30 AM.
  • Members who arrive after 8:45 AM are considered “Late Arrivals”
    Continuous, unscheduled late arrivals may result in parent meetings and possible suspension
  • Scheduled Late Arrivals are offered at certain clubhouses for members with unavoidable conflicts.
    Scheduled Late Arrivals require permission from your age-group directors
    Age-group directors must be given a minimum of 24 hours notice to confirm a Scheduled Late Arrival with a member’s parent or guardian either in person, by phone, or email
  • Children should not be dropped off by themselves prior to the building opening
  • All members ages 12 and under must be signed in by a parent or authorized adult.

For more information about your clubhouse-specific Drop Off policies please see your clubhouse director.

Pick Up Policies

  • Dismissal times vary at each clubhouse. See your age group director for details.
  • All members ages 12 and under must be picked up every day by an authorized adult. This adult must sign their member out at the front desk and the member must “scan out” with his card.
  • Members 13 years and older may leave the clubhouse on their own, but must “scan out” with their cards at the front desk.
  • Junior members (10-12 years old) may walk home if parents submit a Junior Release form allowing their member to leave without an approved adult.

Early Pick Up Policies

  • Early Pick Up Policies vary at each clubhouse. See your age group director for details.
  • If you must pick-up your member without a pre-arranged early pick-up, please call the front desk at least 30 minutes prior to arrival.

Late Pick Up Policies

  • Parents/guardians who cannot pick up their member by their clubhouse’s dismissal time must call the front desk to alert BCNY staff.
    Two late pick-ups may result in a 1 day suspension. Parents/Guardians may have to meet with the clubhouse director before the member can return to summer camp.
What To Bring to Summer Camp
  • BCNY Member Card
  • Towel and swim trunks (on swimming days)
  • Blue trip shirt (on trip days)
  • Sneakers (no sandals or flip-flops)
    Members are required to bring sneakers to BCNY every day.
  • Water bottle

Do not bring cellphones, electronic devices, toys, athletic equipment or jewelry to camp. The Boys’ Club is not responsible for items left, lost or stolen.

Summer Camp Local & Major Field Trips

More field trips, more adventure, more fun! BCNY Members in all three age groups will enjoy a weekly field trips.

Are clubhouses open for members that arrive late for field trips?
Alternate clubhouse programming will not be provided for members who miss or choose not to attend their designated field trip. BCNY will not wait for members who miss the departure time for field trips.

Blue Trip Shirts
Each member registered for summer camp will receive a blue trip shirt that they must wear on all trips outside of the clubhouse.

What are Local Trips?

  • Local Trips are field trips that take place in nearby neighborhoods and communities and are included as part of BCNY Summer Camp programming. These trips feature museums, parks, workshops and more.
  • Members participating in Local Trips must arrive at the clubhouse by 8:45 AM. All local trips will return to the clubhouse by 4:30 PM.

What are Major Trips?

  • Major Trips are field trips to destinations like Splish Splash Water Park, Camel Beach or Medieval Times and may require an additional fee as well as pre-registration and permission slips.
  • Major Trip departure and return times will vary and will be communicated to those parents/guardians whose BCNY members are participating.
  • All trips are first-come-first-served and non-refundable. Some trips require an additional fee. Please see your registrar for more information.
  • Junior and teen members should not register for a major trip during the week they are scheduled to spend at BCNY’s sleepaway camp facility at Harriman State Park

Members need to bring the following items on Major Trip Days:

  • BCNY Member Card
  • Swim trunks, water shoes and a towel
  • Water bottle
  • Packed lunch or lunch money
  • Sneakers (no sandals or flip-flops)
    Note: members are required to bring sneakers to BCNY every day, even if they are wearing water shoes

Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park

BCNY’s Wilderness Camp Facility at Harriman State Park

Additional details about Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park will be announced soon. Check here for more information in the coming weeks.

BCNY’s wilderness camp facility is located at Harriman State Park. Our camp at Harriman State Park provides an opportunity for junior and teen members to explore the great outdoors and have an overnight camp experience rich with adventure! Our summer camp programming is designed with our members in mind and focuses on community building, creating shared experiences, wilderness exploration and self-discovery.

The entrance to BCNY’s Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park is located on Arden Valley Road at the turn for Sunrise Road. Click here to view the entrance location in Google Maps.


BCNY’s Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park Overnight Trip Schedule

All overnight trips to BCNY’s Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park are 5 days long (4 nights).

If there are any concerns about your scheduled sleepaway summer camp trip, please meet with your age group director.

MONDAY, JULY 9 – FRIDAY, JULY 13: HSA 8TH GRADERS (Trip to Princeton Blairstown)*





BCNY’s Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park FAQs

Why is BCNY’s wilderness camp facility in Harriman State Park?
Our location in New York’s Harriman State Park provides us with many advantages. In a beautiful natural setting, with only other camps for neighbors, our site between two lakes is isolated from commercial and private land use. We have easy access to all Harriman State Park amenities such as hiking on the network of trails maintained by the park, canoeing through adjacent lakes, and camping out at park sites. As part of the park system, we also have the added security of the very diligent Park Police Force.

How will members get to Sleepaway Camp?
Travel to Sleepaway Camp will be by van or bus. Pick-up and drop-off will be at BCNY Clubhouses.

What if my BCNY member is in summer school?
Schedule accommodations will be made for members in summer school. Please see your age-group director.

What will members do at sleepaway camp?
Members will enjoy camp activities like making s’mores by the fire, swimming, fishing, hiking and teamwork challenges. They will learn the basics of camping outdoors like setting up a tent, building a fire, plant identification, stalking and tracking and navigating with a map and compass.

What makes BCNY’s sleepaway camp different than any other camp offered in New York?
A special part of the BCNY Summer Camp experience will be nightly circle discussions about masculinity and identity.

Will there be BCNY staff at Sleepaway Camp?
Camp Director Otha Caldwell and Assistant Camp Director Amar Kelly will be on site at BCNY’s Sleepaway Camp in Harriman State Park during the summer cycle.
BCNY clubhouse staff will accompany members during their overnight trip to Sleepaway Camp to ensure consistency.

The BCNY Summer Camp trip to Princeton Blairstown is designed as the initial capstone program for 8th Graders finishing their participation in BCNY’s High School Access (HSA) initiative.

What’s camp at Princeton Blairstown like?
Each day the group spends time engaged in three hours of hands-on Literacy, STEAM work, an hour a day in waterfront activities including swimming, canoeing, and kayaking, and three hours a day in leadership, team-building and problem-solving activities.


Camp Emergency Contact Information

Otha Caldwell, Camp Director:
Amar Kelly, Assistant Camp Director:
Camp phone number: 845-915-3638

If a medical emergency happens while your BCNY member is at camp, you will be notified immediately. There is an EMT on staff who is able to provide emergency care. The closest hospitals to camp are Good Samaritan Hospital and VA Hudson Valley Health Care System.

Camp Homesickness Policy

Many campers experience homesickness in some way. It is healthy to feel a certain degree of homesickness, but we also want our members to have fun and enjoy the full sleepaway camp experience.

Tips for parents/guardians to help prepare BCNY members for sleepaway camp:

  • Involve your member in the decision about going to sleepaway camp. While a camp experience is wonderful for most kids, it is not for everyone.
  • If, after your best efforts, your BCNY member says, “I don’t want to go to camp,” you might want to look at an alternative for that week your child is expected to be away.
  • Have your member experience success in another type of overnight stay away from you – like a sleepover – prior to going to camp.
  • Never tell your member he can leave early if he doesn’t like camp as it sets him up for failure and he will focus on the “deal” instead of the experience.
  • Help your BCNY member understand the policy concerning phone calls (members may not call home and parents may not call members) prior to camp so he will not be expecting to hear from you.

Homesickness Policy

The first person to handle homesickness is the BCNY Staff Member that a homesick member is most comfortable with. They will spend one-on-one time with the homesick member and set short-term goals for him to reach. Every effort will be made to have the homesick member make it through the first night, as this is that is the most difficult time.

BCNY members will not be allowed to call home. If staff are unable to resolve a homesick member’s distress after 30 to 60 minutes the member will be brought to the Camp Director.

If the BCNY member still wants to go home, arrangements will be made to contact the member’s parent/guardian, to advise camp staff on how to proceed. If a parent/guardian is contacted, the following parameters will be followed:

  • Camp staff will call the parent/guardian while the child is NOT present
  • Parents/guardians are to be fully briefed of the situation
  • Inquiries can be made about any home or medical situations that may be causing the homesickness.
  • The parent/guardian is invited to leave their BCNY member a message or send emails if they want him to stay at camp but feel it best that they do not speak to him.

At this point, the option to take the member home or leave him at camp remains with the parents/guardians. This decision needs to be made quickly and with certainty.

If the member stays, BCNY staff will contact them once or twice during the rest of the week-long trip to inform the parent/guardian how the member is doing.

If the member continues to be inconsolable, then, in the interest of the homesick member, the other members and the wellbeing of the camp, parents/guardians will be encouraged to pick up their BCNY member as soon as possible.

If the parent/guardian decide to pick up their member they should contact Camp Director Otha Caldwell to make arrangements. Once a member is picked up from camp, they will not be able to return during the duration of their scheduled trip.