We are character-rich.

We are BCNY.

As we embark on a new year, we have reason to be hopeful for what lies ahead. That hope lies in our members. They have shown us their character, their perseverance, and their leadership in the face of incredible odds. They’ve continued to show up for their futures, and the Boys’ Club is committed to supporting our boys and young men through this crisis and beyond.

With your support, 2021 can be a year of growth and connection for our members, when they get to reunite with their friends and mentors at the clubhouse. It can be an opportunity for BCNY to impact even more young people in New York, with planned projects in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and additional partnerships with local organizations who are making our city a better place.

It can be a year of hope, with a renewed sense of connection to our communities, our families, and our BCNY members.

We have all been through so much this year, but our members are hopeful for the future. And with your support, that future looks bright.

We are all in this together. We are BCNY.


For more information on BCNY’s impact during this time, please contact Alex Christie, Manager of Advancement Operations, at (347) 505-5419 or alex.christie@bcny.org.