We are character-rich.

We are BCNY.

You Help BCNY Members Be Character-Rich

This year has been extraordinarily challenging, but BCNY members show us every day that they are character-rich. We are so inspired by their versatility, integrity, and determination to succeed despite the obstacles.

As COVID-19 cases increase this fall, our members are continuing to adapt to new safety regulations and school closures. BCNY is adapting too, in order to support them every step of the way.

In addition to our hybrid clubhouse experience, BCNY is now offering free on-site COVID-19 testing for BCNY members. These tests will keep members and their families healthy and safe, and help our communities prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We will continue to offer socially-distanced in-person activities throughout the fall, as well as virtual versions of our proven BCNY programs. This ensures that members can keep working toward their goals and confidently navigate the changes in their lives.

Some of our Fall highlights include:

  • Members attend their own online school at our Learning Center
  • Saturday Sports with Skills and Drills and the Flag Football League
  • Customized college and career prep with The Opportunity Network
  • BCNY’s proven programs, offered in-person and online

Sustaining this flexibility depends on you. Your investment in BCNY allows our members to learn in new environments and interact with their friends and mentors safely.

Each day seems to bring a new hurdle, but you can give our boys and young men the tools they need to persevere. BCNY members are rich in character, and we are proud of the way they are rising to meet every challenge. With your support, they will succeed, no matter the obstacles.

We are character-rich. We are BCNY.


For more information on BCNY’s impact during this time, please contact Alex Christie, Manager of Advancement Operations, at (347) 505-5419 or alex.christie@bcny.org.