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Samir (13) and Melvin (14) are members of the Abbe Clubhouse in Flushing, Queens. After moving to New York from the Dominican Republic, both brothers joined BCNY, learning a new language along the way. As their English and confidence progressed, they both began to join more programs, made friends, and became a staple of the art studio and clubhouse.

In 2019, Samir was recognized as the Abbe Clubhouse Artist of the Year. He’s a very talented artist with a distinct, unique style. Although quiet and camera shy, he is always ready to share his perspective and outlook. He’s very close to his brother and mother, and is a sensitive soul with a kind heart. During quarantine, Samir has been working on his drawings using a kit of art supplies he received from BCNY. Art has helped him process his feelings and express emotions about quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic, and BCNY has been able to give him needed resources to make that possible.

Please help us deepen our impact for Samir, Melvin, and all of our members.

Right now, BCNY is: 

  • Ensuring that every boy has the technology to keep connected and learning
  • Providing mental health services and emotional support to members and their families
  • Facilitating virtual college tours
  • Helping BCNY families navigate the information and resources surrounding remote learning and new health and safety measures 
  • Providing one-on-one mentorship with program directors and group leaders
  • Launching digital programming through our website and social media channels, delivered by the BCNY staff they know

Your support ensures that BCNY and our members like Samir and Melvin thrive and succeed during the challenging times of COVID-19 and beyond.


For more information on BCNY’s impact during this time, please contact Alex Christie, Database and Individual Giving Manager, at (347) 505-5419 or alex.christie@bcny.org.