Young Advocates Circle

The Young Advocates Circle is a special fundraising group of professionals in their 20s and 30s devoted to supporting the Boys’ Club of New York and its members by volunteering, fundraising and engaging with like-minded philanthropic individuals.

For $5 a week, the price of one cup of coffee, you could change a boy’s life forever.

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Upcoming Events

We invite you to join us for the Boys’ Club of New York’s Winter Luncheon, featuring a conversation with David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group, interviewed by Deborah Norville.

Founding Co-Chairs

Stephanie Kearney
Women’s Board Member

Troy Neal
Capital One
Abbe Clubhouse Alumnus

Michael Puntillo
Direct Refreshments, LLC

Young Advocates Circle Members

  • Mickey Abernathy 
  • Kara Andrea
  • Adam August
  • Alexander S. Baccile
  • Mary Benedetto
  • Alexander E. Bennett
  • Philip Bowman
  • Eliza Breed
  • Diana Bromfield
  • Christopher Briggs
  • Andrew Burns
  • Francesca del Balzo
  • Susan Chang
  • Brian Cintron
  • Thomas Cleary
  • Will Conrad
  • Lion-Robert Creel
  • Mackenzie Dowling
  • Ashley Enthoven
  • Omar Ferreira
  • Willis Fries
  • Jonathan Garfinkel 
  • Cristina Hackley
  • Stephen Hearn
  • Ted Henderson
  • Campbell Howe
  • Cranston Humphrey
  • Adam Kalinsky
  • Adam Klopp
  • Meghan Klopp
  • Nicholas Leon
  • Zoe L’Esperance
  • James W. Linville
  • Jonathan Lopez
  • John T. Martin
  • Aleesha Melwani
  • Joseph Mensah
  • Carter Moore
  • Samantha Osborne
  • Alexander Osgood
  • Christopher Oyathelemi
  • Helen Parzick
  • Carter Patrick
  • Ned Pierrepont
  • Eric Rivera
  • David C. Saunders
  • Andrew Sawyer
  • Charles Streep
  • Brett Schumer
  • Michael Schumer
  • Edward Seber
  • Rory Shepard
  • Reed Smith
  • Fred Spencer
  • Jacob Stonecipher
  • Eve Taylor
  • Isabel Taylor
  • Isaiah Thomas 
  • Alex Trautwig
  • Nicholas van Eck 
  • Robert Vaughan 
  • Drew Walker
  • Matthew Weber
  • Perrin Wheeler
  • Harry Williams

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