Welcome to Virtual BCNY!

Welcome to the Virtual Boys’ Club of New York!

Just because we’re staying apart, doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected, which is why we’re so excited to announce the launch of Virtual BCNY!

What is Virtual BCNY, and how does it work?

As our clubhouses remain temporarily closed, Virtual BCNY is our way of ensuring our members are staying safe, having fun, and remembering BCNY’s 4Cs–being Connected, Competent, Confident, and Character-Rich.  Through interactive Zoom sessions, members can now interact with BCNY staff on a wide range of exciting educational and recreational activities. Several of the courses will be hosted live, and all the information can be found by checking the web calendar or downloading the PDF schedule. And there’s no need to worry if you miss a class. All content will be recorded and live on our Virtual Resources page for you to access later.

Check out the differences between BCNY’s 4Cs and our Virtual 4Cs below (and video from BCNY’s Chief Program Officer, Carlos Velazquez) to learn more about the values you will discover by participating in this online community. As we shelter-in-place and practice physical distancing, our Virtual 4Cs will ensure we hold on to the invaluable lessons we’ve learned in our clubhouses.  Remember, we can do this. So be sure to check-in every day at Virtual BCNY and bring a friend along. We Are BCNY. We Are One!

Stay safe, and stay strong.

BCNY 4Cs vs. Virtual 4Cs:

BCNY 4Cs: Being positively engaged in one’s community, both inside and outside of the clubhouse.
Virtual 4Cs: Staying together while physically staying apart.

BCNY 4Cs: Knowing how to do something and being able to demonstrate it.
Virtual 4Cs: Understanding the world around us and how we play a role in it.

BCNY 4Cs: Believing in oneself and trusting in one’s abilities.
Virtual 4Cs: Encouraging members to continue to learn and grow during this time.

BCNY 4Cs: Standing by one’s values and having compassion for others.
Virtual 4Cs: Supporting one other and spreading positive vibes as well as educating others.


BCNY’s Chief Program Officer, Carlos Velazquez, explains the Virtual 4Cs!

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